Chapter 14

A month had passed now. Brian and Dani had planned the wedding for this day cause they wanted to be married before anything happened.

The wedding music was playing as Brian stood there in the front. They decided on having the wedding on the beach like Dani wanted. Soon Dani came down the aisle with Kevin by her side. Dani had on a beautiful white lace wedding dress with her hair up with some make up. Brian looked up at her, she looked so beautiful. Her and Kevin soon reached up next to Brian. Kevin then went to the side as Dani and Brian stood face to face holding hands.

“Dearly beloved we are here today for the joining of Brian Thomas Littrell and Danielle Lee Patterson”, the priest began. The priest continued as Brian was asked.

“I Do”, Brian said looking straight in Dani’s eyes. Then Dani was asked.

“I Do”, Dani smiled.

“Well then I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride”, the priest responded as Brian leaned in and kissed her on the lips deepening it. Everybody stood up clapping and photographs were taken by the press. They then headed off to their honeymoon to Spain.

A Month Later

Dani was laying on her and Brian’s bed that day. She wasn’t doing to good at all. Brian had been by her side all day with Cody as well. Dani knew that today was the day, she sensed it.

“Brian”, Dani said through tears, “It’s time”

“Dani, god no I don’t want this to happen. I love you”, Brian said as tears began to fall down his face.

“Oh baby don’t cry please”, Dani said as she wiped his tears away, “Just always remember this kiss”. Dani then kissed Brian softly on the lips and then laid back down.

“Bri, I love you. I’m glad we shared all this time together. You made me the happiest person alive. With everything that has happened we’ve made it through everything but this is something we can’t do anything about. Cody is our miracle cause our we love each other so much god gave us this chance to share him before I......left”, Dani said as she slowly closed her eyes.

“No Dani”, Brian cried to himself as she was gone now.

“And Cody that’s how me and mommy fell in love and had you our little miracle”, Brian smiled as he had a tear in his eye. Cody was now 9 years old and had Brian him tell that story a lot.

“Daddy, I love you”, Cody said as he hugged Brian. Brian held him in his arms. When he looked up he saw a figure with wings, it was Dani. She was standing there smiling and blew a kiss to him and waved as she disappeared.

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