Chapter 13


“Come on Dani, one more big push, and it’s all over”, the doctor said. Dani screamed as one last time as Brian stayed by her side holding her hand. They soon heard a baby crying.

“It’s a boy”, the nurse said as she handed the baby to Dani.

“Oh he’s so cute”, Dani cried as Bri had a couple tears running down his face as well.

“Dani I love you”, Brian smiled as he kissed her on the forehead and Dani headed him the baby to hold.

“Oh he’s so handsome”, Brian smiled, “What should we name him?”

“How about Cody?”, Dani suggested.

“Yeah I like that name. You hear that little guy your name’s Cody”, Brian smiled as the nurse soon took the baby to the nursery.

Danielle was soon put back in he hospital room. All the guys soon came in along with Brian.

“Hey girl, we just saw Cody, he’s soo cute”, AJ said as he walked over and gave her a hug and kiss on the check as well as the other guys did.

A Couple Days

“Here we go Cody, this is your home”, Brian said as they sat him in the crib. Dani and Cody had came home today.

“And now you can take a nap while me and mommy go downstairs and watch a little TV”, Brian smiled as he took Dani’s hand and they both went down into the living room.

“Bri?”, Dani asked as Brian looked her in the eyes.

“Yeah, what’s wrong baby?”, Brian asked seeing something was wrong in her eyes.

“Well there is something wrong, I just found out that I might have cancer”, Dani said as a single tear fell down her face.

“Oh god Dani, no”, Brian exclaimed as he grabbed her into a hug.

“When do you find out if you have it or not?”, Brian asked trying to be strong.

“Tonight”, Dani said slowly.

“Oh baby, I’m sure that everything is gonna be alright”, Brian told her as he held her in his arms as she cried and Brian cried with her.

Later That Night

Brian held Cody in his arms as Dani laid on the couch sleeping finally. Brian watched as she slept their peacefully.

“God this can’t happen she is the love of my life, I want her and I watch Cody grow up together”, Brian said to himself quietly as he broke down in tears. The phone then rang. Dani jumped up out of her sleep and picked up the phone. Brian stood there waiting for what the results were.

“Hello..yes this is her.......what?!...Are you sure?”, Dani said as she broke down in tears. Brian didn’t know if they were happy or sad tears.

“Ok bye”, Dani said between tears as she hung up the phone. Brian quickly sat Cody in the crib next to him. He then went over to Dani’s side.

“Baby, what did they say?”, Brian asked nervously.

“They said.........that I have cancer.....and they can’t stop it cause it’s too late. Brian.......I only have three months”, Dani cried out as Brian broke down into tears and held her in his arms.

Chapter 14