Chapter 12

Four Months Later

Danielle walked into her house and sat down on the couch. Today had been her last day with Tommy Hilfiger for modeling until next year cause of the baby coming. She picked up the mail and looked through it, there was a letter from Brian she picked up and put the others down. She opened it up and read the letter:

Hey Sunshine,

Sup baby? Not much here. Just got back from our concert and I decided to write you cause I couldn’t sleep. I miss ya. I can’t wait to see ya again it’s so lonely here without you. How’s our baby doing? Well I’ve been thinking about a date for our wedding. And I was thinking how about Valentine’s Day? Since your due in December with the baby I know you don’t want to have a wedding around there. Don’t say no, cause your lying I know you want to find the perfect dress and don’t want your stomach sticking cause I know how you are :p So do ya like the idea. Have any ideas where we can have the wedding? So how did your last couple of months with the modeling go? Well I gotta go now it’s getting late now and I gotta get up early tomorrow. Love ya!


Bri Bri P.S. Page me when you when get this.

Danielle smiled when she was done reading. She was having a bad day cause it was her last day for modeling for a year but the letter made her day. She got up and picked up the phone and paged Brian. A couple minutes later the phone rang again.

“Hey honey”

“Hey Sunshine”

“So what are you up to now?”, Danielle asked.

“We’re just sitting in the hotel hanging out, you ready to get on a plane to Europe?”, Brian asked.

“Yeah, I got your letter today”, Danielle answered.

“Oh really”, Brian, “So what’s ya think?”

“I think it the perfect idea, but I better get packing now so I can make the plane, and I wanna get there fast so you can hold me in your arms”, Danielle responded.

“Hehehe I know I can wait to see ya either, I got a hug and kiss waiting for ya when ya arrive”, Brian said as she heard the guys yell in the background.

“Oh the guys all said they all have hugs for ya when you come, they said they missed ya”, Brian laughed.

“Ok I got hugs for them too”, Danielle laughed, “C-ya later Bri”

“Ok bye sweetie”, Brian said as he hung up the phone.

Hours Later

Danielle walked off the plane into the airport. She was quickly greeted by Brian. He hugged her in his arms and kissed her full in the mouth.

“Hello Sunshine”, Brian smiled.

“Hey Bri”, Dani smiled as he took her luggage and they began to walk towards to cab when a group of fans came running up to them.

“Oh my god can I have your autograph?”, they the girls asked.

“Sure”, Brian smiled.

“Are you Dani, Brian’s girlfriend?”, one of the girls asked off to the side.

“Yes I am”, Dani told he nicely.

“I heard you two are having a baby together, and getting married? Is that true?”, the girl asked curiously.

“Yup that’s all true too. The baby’s due in December”, Dani told her.

“Wow cool. Can I have your autograph and a picture with you and Brian together?”, the girl asked again.

“Sure I’d love too”, Dani nodded as Brian came over and they posed for a picture.

“Thanks”, the girl said after she got the picture and their autographs and left. Brian and Dani smiled and left to the hotel.

Chapter 13