Chapter 10

(A Month Later)

“Baby are you sure you can’t come?”, Brian said giving Danielle puppy dog eyes as they stood at the airport. The guys had a 8 month tour in Europe and in the United States.

“Bri you knew I would come with you the whole time if I could but I have my modeling career and I can’t give it up cause I love doing it”, Danielle explained.

“Well ok but you will come every couple days when you can right baby?”, Brian asked her holding his arms around her waist.

“Yes I promise and we have our cell phones on each other so we’ll be fine”, Danielle smiled kissing him on the lips.

“Okay, I love you baby”, Brian said returning the kiss as they both said good bye and he got on the plane where all the guys already were.

(On The Plane)

“Hey Bri”, Nick said as Brian sat down next to him.

“So Cous did ya make a date yet when you guys are gonna get married?”, Kevin asked.

“Well we’re not exactly sure yet she said she was gonna figure something out and talk to me about me”, Brian smiled as he laid his head back on the seat.

“This is the life, I am the happiest man alive, I have the greatest soon to be wife. What could make this life even better”, Brian thought to himself as he fell asleep.

(At Danielle’s Florida Home)

Danielle was in her exercise room exercising. She sat down for a minute cause for some reason she had been getting tired out so quickly lately. Then all of a sudden she didn’t feel so go as she ran for the bathroom. A couple minutes later Danielle came out of the bathroom realizing that she was late. She had a feeling she might be pregnant so she went down to her doctor’s office.

A couple Hours later Danielle came back into her house and sat down in the living room in shock.

“I can’t believe it I’m pregnant”, Danielle said as she remembered the night her and Brian made love back at home, “When, how am I gonna tell him he’s always on the road and i don’t know if he wants children yet”

Danielle sat there until she was interrupted by her cell phone ringing.


“Hey Sunshine”

“Bri, honey, hey”, Danielle said trying to act normal.

“Is something wrong?”, Brian asked sensing something was wrong.

“Well umm...Bri something is up but I would rather tell you this in person and not over the phone”, Danielle explained.

“Umm..Okay, can you make the next plane flight to Sweden?”, Brian asked.

“Yeah I don’t have to work until the weekend cause i got some time off”, Danielle explained.

“Okay I’ll call the airport and I’ll have one of our bodyguards or one of the guys pick ya up”, Brian told her.

‘Ok c-ya then”, Danielle said as she hung up the phone.

In A Hotel In Sweden

Brian hung up the phone worried. “She didn’t say she loved me before she hung up, oh god please don’t tell me she wants to call off our engagement cause she met someone else”

“Hey Bri, wassup”, AJ said walking into his room seeing the worried look on Brian’s face, “What’s wrong?”

“I just called Dani and well she said she had to tell me something but she couldn’t tell me over the phone she had to tell me in person”, Brian said as he thought of what always happened to him when he heard that.

“Oh man, I’m sure everything alright”, AJ said as he remembered how Brian’s old girlfriends said to him before they broke up with him, “Dani would never break up with you cause I know that’s what your thinking”

“Yeah, can you pick her up at the airport for me, cause I wanna make it special when she comes”, Brian asked.

“Yeah sure of course I will”, AJ told him as he left for the airport.

Chapter 11