Chapter 3

:AT The Concert::

Danielle and Jamie were in the front row. Her and Danielle were having a great time. It was half way through the concert and they were about to sing I’ll Never Break Your Heart never. Each of the guys went down and picked a girl to come up on stage with them. AJ and Brian walked over towards Danielle and Jamie. AJ took Danielle’s hand and Brian took Jamie’s hand and led them up on stage. Jamie was all in smiles. She couldn’t believe Brian of the Backstreet Boys was actually singing to her. Jamie looked into Brian’s eyes as he sang to her and they both met contact and starred into each others eyes. Brian gave her a cute smile and when they were done singing he kissed her on the cheek and whispered in her ear, “I can’t what to see you after the concert”. Jamie smiled and walked off the stage back to her seat. Danielle and AJ were still starring into each others eyes. Then Danielle noticed they were the only ones left on stage cause the guys had a break and the girls went back to their seats. It was just her and AJ with millions of people watching them. AJ soon noticed too. He smiled at her and took a piece of paper out of hi pocket and handed it to her and kissed her on the lips and then whispered in her ear, “You know I’ll Never Break Your Heart”. The AJ went backstage for the quick break and Danielle went back to her seat.

“Hey Dani, what was that piece of paper AJ gave you?”, Jamie asked curiously.

“I dunno”, Danielle said as she opened it opened it up it said:


Everyday since I met you I watched every move you make.

The way your beautiful blonde hair falls into your eyes and the way your blue eyes sparkle when you smile.

I know we haven’t known each other for that long, But I’d like to get to know you a lot better.

So baby what I’m trying to say is will you go out with me?

Danielle’s mouth dropped when she was done reading and smiled cause she really liked AJ as well.

“Wow that was so sweet”, Jamie smiled as she finished reading too. The guys then came back out on stage and finished the show up. AJ and Danielle kept in eye contact the whole time as well as Jamie and Brian did too. The show soon ended and Danielle and Jamie remained in their seats as everybody else left.

“Aren’t we gonna go backstage?”, Jamie asked.

“No it’s really crowded back there with tons of girls. I usually seat out here and wait cause they come out here afterwards”, Danielle told her as everybody had finally left the place. Jamie looked up and saw Brian and AJ walked towards where they were. Jamie nudged Danielle and she looked up and saw AJ smiled. Danielle quickly got up and ran into AJ’s arms.

“He he now that’s a welcome, so......?”, AJ asked.

“Yes of course I’ll go out with you”, Danielle smiled as AJ and her were caught in a deep passionate french kiss. Brian and Jamie decided to let Danielle and AJ have a little privacy so they went up he top of the place and sat down in the seats. Brian smiled and looked into her eyes. He slowly leaned down and french kissed her.

Chapter 4