Chapter 2

Jaimeís Point Of View:

"Damn it i have to catch that plane", she said to herself as she ran through the aisles in the airport when finally she reached the gate. "Well Iím on a long boring flight but i cant wait to see Dani again", she thought to herself. About an hour later she fell asleep.

:The Arrival::

"Where the hell is she" Jamie thought to herself looking around when suddenly a hand grabbed her shoulders .

"Hey Jamie"

"Hey how are you Dani "

"Good come on we have a concert to go to tonight", Danielle told Jamie

"Are you serious"


"Oh my god i better go take a shower and stuff"

"Yeah the concerts at 7:30 " Danielle said as the walked into her hotel room.

"Dani whatís it like living on the road with them"? she asked curiously.

"It's a lot of fun but i need a girl around to talk to sometimes"

"Well Iím here now" Jamie said sighing

"So what did happen with your family anyways"? Dani asked

"Well it was all because of my boyfriend they didnít like him and they were going to send my to California with my aunt so it all went down from there...."

"Oh Iím sorry" Danielle said sympathetically.

"Its ok ill be fine " Jamie said wiping one single tear that was falling down her cheek.

"Well come on girl lets get ready your going to meet BSB tonight"

All Jamie could think about is Howie and Kevin they were the finest men .

"Ok Iím ready " Jamie yelled from the bathroom

"Ok lets go " with that they hopped into the car and drove off.

Chapter 3