Chapter 1

*In Sweden*

Danielle was in AJ's Dressing Room, doing his hair for him dying his hair yet again. This time it was gonna be a blue green.

"So are you gonna stay for the concert tonight?", AJ asked as he looked in the mirror so he could see Danielle.

"Umm I'm not sure yet I might go out to a club or something", Danielle told him as she turned his chair to the sink and lifted his head down in the sink.

"Well you should come, it's gonna be a phat show tonight", AJ said as Danielle wash his hair dye out. A few minutes later she was down and lifted the chair back up.

"Maybe I'll come no promises", Danielle smiled as her cell phone rang.

"Hello?", Danielle asked picking up her cell phone, "Hold on a sec Jam, AJ hair gel right?"

"Yup", AJ said smiling.

"Ok", Danielle said as she picked the phone back up and massaged gel in his hair.

"Dani", Jamie said in between tears, "I need a place to stay"

"Jam, what's wrong, what happened?", Danielle asked.

"My family and I got in a huge fight and they kicked me out", Jamie told her, "I really need a place to stay"

"Oh god Jam I'm sorry, well I'm in Sweden now, so um how about I buy you plane tickets and you can come here for now", Danielle told her.

"Sweden? Who you in Sweden with now?", Jamie asked curiously.

"Oh BSB", Danielle said as she held the phone away from her hear as she screamed really loud. AJ looked back and laughed, "You said the magic words"

"Yeah I know", Danielle laughed, "Ok Jam well I gotta go I gotta finish up on AJ's hair but go to the airport now and catch a plane to Sweden, the ticket will be paid for already"

"Ok thanks Dani, you gonna pick me up at the airport?", Jamie asked.

"Yup bye", Danielle said as she hung up the phone.

"So who's Jamie?", AJ asked.

"My friend she's coming over till i think of something to help her out cause she got kicked out of her house", Danielle explained.

"Oh", AJ said, "so she'll be able to make it just in time for the concert and I know she wants to see the show, so I guess that makes you coming", AJ smiled.

Danielle laughed, "Yeah I guess I will be, what are you up to MR!?"

"Oh nothing", AJ smiled devilishly as Danielle finished his hair, "Thanks you always do my hair perfect"

"Your welcome, c-ya tonight", Danielle smiled as she got her stuff and left back to her hotel.

Chapter 2