Chapter 7

Back At The House...

"DAMN IT!!", AJ yelled, "I just lost the greatest thing that ever happened to me!"

"Yeah I know what were we thinking. We had the greatest girlfriends in the world and we cheated on them!", Brian exclaimed as they both sat there in the living and heard the guys come in.

"Hey guys", Kevin said as Nick and Howie and him sat down.

"Ok who was the one that told they girls about those two girls we met at the club!", AJ yelled.

"Yeah which one of you was it", Brian yelled as all the guys faces turned serious.

"Umm we all told them", Howie said.

"WHAT!", AJ yelled.

"We all told them. What you guys we were doing was totally wrong! Why did ya have to do it!", Nick exclaimed at them both.

"Yeah I Know how could you. We never thought you guys were like this. Now we've totally lost respect for you cause of what you did!", Kevin yelled. Brian and AJ just sat there speechless. Kevin, Howie and, Nick stormed out of the house slamming the door behind them.

"What are we gonna do Bone?", Brian asked with tears in his eyes.

"We're gonna go to that damn airport. That's what we're gonna do", AJ said as they went out to AJ's car and drove to the airport.

At The Airport....

Danielle and Ashley walked off the plane and walked over to get their luggage.

"Ash why would they do this to us. I thought they loved us", Danielle said thinking how much she missed Brian's arms around her.

"I don't know Dani. I'm just as clueless as you are right now. But one thing is for sure are they gonna get it", Ashley said as they got there luggage and turned around to see AJ and Brian walking towards them.

"Shit! We don't wanna make a scene at the airport come let's get out of here", Ashley said as her and Danielle walked out to the parking lot where Ashley had left her car.

"Ashley, Danielle", they heard AJ and Brian yell as they came up to them.

"No Brian you better get the fuck away from me right now before I punch you out", Danielle said as she couldn't hold the tears in anymore and started crying.

"Oh Dani please don't cry don't be mad I love you and only you I don't know how this happen please forgive me", Brian said hating to see her in some much pain as he tried to hug her. Danielle then punched him in the face so hard that he fall to the ground.

"Brian I warned you not to come near me. HOW could you I hate you I don't wanna see you!", Danielle yelled as she couldn't believe she just punched him and she got in the car.

"Ash baby please listen to me everything was a mistake I don't know how it happened I love you", AJ said as he saw Brian laying on the ground hit by Danielle.

"AJ you fucking bastard how dare you have the nerve to come here when i fucking told you i never wanted to talk to you again!", Ashley exclaimed.

"Please just listen", AJ asked.

"NO AJ!! You listen how could you do this to me I thought I was special to you. You told me you loved me. Well Fuck you I hate you now! you ruined everything!", Ashley yelled as she got in the car and they drove off leaving them standing there.

"Man you told him", Danielle said.

"Yup that fucking bastard! Man i can't believe you punched Brian, well actually I can", Ashley said as she laughed.

"Well I warned him but he didn't listen. Man you know we're gonna have to put up with them cause we live with them", Danielle said.

"Well so they live with us we all have our own bedrooms all we do is avoid them. Iím pretty sure you have nothing to worry about. Cause you punched Brian right in the face I'm sure he'll stay away from ya for a while at least. AJ on the other hand he's the one that's gonna bug me to death. I probably should of punched him", Ashley said as they pulled into their driveway of the house. They both went up to their bedrooms and unpacked. Plus a door connected their rooms so they didn't have to come out for awhile. Now all they had to do was wait till Brian and AJ came back home and see what happens from there.

Chapter 8