Chapter 6

Ashley slammed the phone down and got up to pack her things.

"Ashley what are you doing?" Danielle asked. "I'm leaving to go back to Orlando!" Ashley exclaimed. "Get your things packed!" Ashley yelled. Danielle didn't hesitate, she got her stuff packed and they both headed for the airport.

-=At the airport=-

As the girls waited they heard an announcement. "Attention please, Ashley Pendorf you have a call from an AJ McLean and Danielle Patterson you have a call from a Brian Littrell" The two girls ran to each phone.

Ashley: What the hell do you want?

AJ: Calm down baby.

Ashley: I know what you're up to AJ.

AJ: What who told you?

Ashley: None of your damn business

AJ: Baby Iím sorry....

Ashley: I never want to talk to you again, stay with slut girlfriend of yours!(Line goes dead)

Danielle: Just who do you think you are Mr. i can go out and cheat on my girlfriend!?

Brian: I didn't mean it...honestly!

Danielle: You should have know we would have found out!

Brian: Baby give me one more chance...

Danielle: We are through i don't want you back!(line goes dead)

(on the plane)

"If they want to play dirty we can play dirty" Ashley said looking at Dani. "Are you thinking what Iím thinking?" Danielle asked smiling evilly. They both laughed and talked about their plan on the way home.

Chapter 7