Chapter 5

The Next Morning....

"Man Nick did you see AJ and Bri with those two girls last night?", Howie asked him.

"Yeah I can't believe they would actually do something like that to Dani and Ash", Nick said shaking his head.

"We're gonna have to tell them ya know cause if we don't when they come back in two months they will be sooo crushed", Howie said not wanting to tell them about it cause he know it would hurt them. Just then they turned around and looked in the kitchen and saw AJ and Brian in the kitchen with Amanda and Leighanne!

"Oh my god, that's it!", Nick said as him and Howie walked out of the house to cool off.

Back In The Kitchen.....

AJ was about to kiss Amanda when everybody heard the door slam really loud.

"Man somebody's mad", Leighanne said wrapping he arms around Brian. ,p> "Oh don't worry about them", Brian said as he kissed her full in the mouth as well as AJ did with Amanda.

At Kevin's House.......

Howie and Nick stormed into Kevin's house.

"Woah guys what's wrong?", Kevin asked.

"Well lets see not much except AJ and Brian are cheating on Ashley and Danielle with some girls they met at the club last night!", Howie exclaimed.

"Yeah and they spent the night their!", Nick added.

"What!! What's wrong with them I thought Dani and Ash were the loves of their life’s!', Kevin said shocked.

"I don't know anymore it's like they completed turned around and did a 180", Nick said.

"Well you know what we're gonna have to do, right?", Kevin said.

"Yup we're gonna have to be the ones to tell them. This is gonna hurt them soo bad", Howie said getting this bad pain in his stomach just thinking how much they would be hurt. Kevin then picked up the phone and dialed Danielle's cell phone.

"Hello?", Danielle said very hyperly and happy cause she was having so much fun in Spain.

"Hey Dani", was all Kevin could get out.

"Oh hey Kev, what’s up?", Danielle asked hearing this bad tone in Kevin's voice.

"Umm Dani is Ash there with you too?", Kevin asked.

"Yeah why Kev what's going on?", Danielle asked becoming serious and feeling something bad happened.

"Well Dani, me, Howie, and Nick have to talk to you about something", Kevin said.

"Okay...Well go ahead Ash is listening with me", Danielle answered.

"Ok well we went to a club last night", Kevin began.

"Yeah and what?", Ashley asked feeling a bad pain in her stomach.

"Well AJ and Bri were with these girl they met there kissing and everything and", Howie said as they heard silence from the other line.

"And these two girls spent the night last night at their house", Nick said finishing as a couple seconds later they heard the phone go dead.

Chapter 6