Chapter 4

When all the guys arrived at the club, they heard the pounding bass of the speakers coming from inside. "Man i hope there are some hot girls in here tonight." AJ exclaimed. Howie gave him a nasty look.

"If Ash ever found out you were doing this she would freaking kill you!" AJ just shrugged and walked in the club. All the guys sat down at a reserved table and ordered their drinks.

Just then Brian nudged AJ. "Hey look at those two girls over there."

AJ smiled and dragged Brian over to the girls. "Hello you lovely ladies." AJ said in his suave husky voice. The two girls looked up and smiled. "Hi I'm Leighanne and this is my friend Amanda."

AJ and Brian sat down at the bar. "So you got a girl?" Amanda asked.

AJ smiled, "Yeah i do." Amanda looked at him evilly and whispered in his ear. "Not anymore you don't"

Meanwhile, Brian and Leighanne were getting to know each other very well. "Do you have a girlfriend Bri?" Brian looked at her sheepishly.

"Yeah i do, she's in Spain modeling for Tommy Hilfiger." Leighanne looked at Bri. "Well she won't know what we do while she's gone for the two months." Just then Brian felt someone tap him on the shoulder.

"Hey let's get going I'm kind tired and i want to take this fox home with me." AJ said as he kissed Amanda deeply. Howie looked over his shoulder and saw AJ kissing Amanda. He quickly left the club and went back home to wait till morning to call Dani and ash.

Chapter 5