Chapter 3

The Next Day In Spain..............

"Hey Ash, how was the photo shoot?", Danielle asked as she picked up the phone.

"It went great how about yours?", Ashley asked.

"Pretty good", Danielle said as she began to talk to Brian yet again. About two hours later Danielle was off the phone.

"Well now that you’re finally off the phone what do you wanna do we have the rest of the day off", Ashley said.

"I wanna go get some piercing and get my hair done", Danielle said with a grin on her face.

"Oh great you have that grin on your face", Ashley said laughing.

"You can do that later. I wanna go swimming", Ashley told her.

"Yeah I got two months to do that. I'll go swimming with ya too", Danielle said as they both took turns in the bathroom to change into their bathing suits.

Back In Florida.................

"AJ!!!", Brian yelled for the third time.

"WHAT!", AJ yelled back.

"ARE YOU READY YET!", Brian exclaimed.

"Yes! GEEEZZ you’re worst than the girls. They were never this inpatient!", AJ said laughing.

"Well I'm not them. It's boring here", Brian whined.

"Fine lets go where's Howie, Kevin and Nick", AJ asked.

"They're already in the car", Brian said as they also got in the car and left for the club.

Chapter 4