Chapter 15

(A Week Later)

Ashley and AJ walked into the house.

“Hey Ash, AJ”, Danielle said where she was sitting on the couch with Brian, “How’s Howie?”

“Hey, nothing new he’s still the same”, Ashley said sadly as AJ wrapped his arms around her waist to comfort her.

“Don’t worry Ash, Howie’s tough I know he’s gonna make it”, Danielle told her.

“Yeah your right”, Ashley said, “So are you ready for the surgery tomorrow?”

“Yeah I guess so”, Danielle said as she looked down at her engagement ring.

“Everything’s gonna be fine”, Ashley said as they both hugged.

“Yeah Ash I’ve been meaning to ask you this will you be my maid of honor?”, Danielle asked.

“Of course I will”, Ashley said.

“Great well I gotta get some sleep”, Danielle said.

“Yeah well we just gotta get some stuff the go back to the hospital. So we’ll see ya there tomorrow”, Ashley said as AJ and her got their stuff and left.

(In Danielle’s Room)

Danielle got in bed next to Brian. “I love ya baby and everything’s gonna be alright tomorrow”, Brian said as he kissed her.

“I love you too”, Danielle said as she laid back and Brian got on top of her. Brian then slid his hands up her shirt and took it off. Danielle then moaned softly as he kissed her chest as they made love that night.

(At The Hospital)

It was in the middle of the night when Ashley was still awake. Howie’s eyes fluttered open! “Howie your awake”, Ashley said as AJ woke up and they all hugged.

“Man I feel like shit i feel like I’ve sleep for days”, Howie said.

“Well that’s cause you have been in a coma for a week now”, AJ said.

“Holy crap! Where’s Nick is he alright?”, Howie asked.

“Nick is in his room he’s better he’s having a kidney transplant tomorrow”, Ashley said.

“Who’s the donor?”, Howie asked.

“Danielle”, AJ told him.

“Danielle! Wow man what else happened since?”, Howie asked.

“Well Brian and Danielle are engaged now”, Ashley said.

“The B-Roksters getting married to Dani man I missed quite a few things”, Howie said.

“Yeah but we’re glad your awake now. Let’s get some rest for tomorrow”, Ashley said as they went to sleep.

(The Next Morning)

Brian and Danielle walked hand in hand into Nick’s room where everybody was.

“Howie!!”, Danielle and Brian said as they gave a hug.

“Hey so your engaged now I heard and Dani your giving Nick your kidney”, Howie said.

“Yup we are. Yeah I don’t wanna lose Nicky we’re friends”, Danielle said as the doctor came in the room for Danielle.

“Ok well I gotta get going I’ll see ya all after the surgery”, Danielle said as she gave Nick, Ashley, AJ, Howie, and Brian a hug.

“Wait where’s Kevin?”, Danielle asked.

“I don’t know”, Brian said looking around, “He’s probably at home sleeping”. But Kevin wasn’t nowhere to be found. They decided to all go look for him after the surgery.

Chapter 16