Appearance: Shoulder length black hair, intense green eyes, 5'6, 110 lbs., pale

Personality: Out going, nice, interesting, quick to jump to conclusions, easily shocked

Occupation: None

Age: 20

Dates: A.J.

Background Info: This 20-yr. old is an ex-stripper with a lot of problems. Her sister committed suicide before she could stop her. She has another sister who looks a lot like her, but has a different father. The half-sister had a nervous breakdown and tried to kill her, but she got away. She now tours with her boyfriend who is a part of the famous Backstreet Boys. She hates the smell of oranges because it reminds her of her sister.


Appearances: Short brown hair, deep chocolate brown eyes, 5'4, 112 lbs., caramel colored skin

Personality: Nice, friendly, deep thinker, easily falls victim to sweet promises, dreamer, hopeless romantic

Occupation: Artist; Runs the Smithers School of Art

Age: 25

Dates: Nick

Background Info: This girl proves that age is just a number since she is way beyond her years. Both her parents died, leaving her with a cousin and an uncle who don't care about her. Originally from New York, she was an artist who painted for free. When she tried to get into the Smithers School of Art, she was turned down because of her race. She sued them and now owns the school. She now tours part time with the Backstreet Boys and runs the school full time.


Appearances: Shoulder length black hair, intense green eyes, 5'6, 110 lbs., pale

Personality: Nice, spiteful to those who question her authority, careful planner, energetic, quick tempered

Occupation: None

Age: 23

Dates: Nobody

Background Info: This girl is spiteful and has reason to be. When she was 18 she found out that she had a sister. She met her sister and her sister's boyfriend a year later while working on a case. She fell for the boyfriend and tried to do anything to get him. She retired from the secret services with no lost cases. A legend in her own right, she soon had a nervous breakdown that was brought on by the drugs she was doing. She tried to kill her sister, but since it was proven that she was not a killer, but really in need of help, she was put in the Bayberry Institution. While there she cleaned up her act and straightened things out, vowing to get revenge. She now a waits the perfect day to get out of the institution. She loves the smell of oranges because it soothes her.

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