The Single Minded Pursuit of Happiness

Saturday 29th July 2000 5.40 a.m.

God [Adi]performs a miracle. He wakes up on his own to play golf and not only that, while sitting on the throne decides to send out wake up calls to me and Chamar[Rahul]. Fact is that the man is pissed out of his mind and could not sleep. I am dog tired from a late night as well but welcome the wake up call. Its possible that I may have flung my alarm clock at the wall. The tradition is that I wake up God. The norm is that he is always hung over. He is not well hung so he has to make do with "over".

Its going to be a strange round today as we are scheduled to tee off at 6.45 instead of the originally planned 7.00 a.m. as Major Ashish Chadha has a presentation at 9.30 and therefore can join us only for 9 holes. Maninder Kohli is scheduled to join us at 8.30 for the back nine. Ranjit Vig the other regular is as usual not available. Next time Ranjit don't complain. Keep your cell phone on. As usual Ashish is late. So much for his bleeding Army background.

Well this is supposed to be a return match. Adi and I lost to Rahul and Ashish last time around so time to win back breakfast. Well the game was going well till the 7th where we were more or less even stevens on the score. Adi and I fucked up and the other 2 took full advantage. We fell to pieces on the 8th what with some steady play from Major and Blackie Singh

Basically Chaps, the fact is that both Adi and I were hung over and so you guys did not win. We just lost. Also there was this particularly noisy peacock on the 3rd who disturbed me so that's my excuse for the bad round. As I always say, never blame yourself for the bad form. Find someone or something else to blame. Hyuk Hyuk.

So Ashish ate his pig & we all had a Samosa and moved onto the back nine , this time with Maninder Kohli, who only likes to dance with the ladies. Rahul and Maninder partnered.

The back nine was better and the game was close. Adi and I had to end up signing for Breakfast again. Grrr. But I guess its okay as this is the last round with Adi in sometime now as he is off to the States for his MBA. The poor yanks dont know whats going to hit them. Have fun Adi and don't you dare be good !!!

        Ashish Chadha's Gory Secret

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