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right now
date:july 25th
time:9:49 pm
wearing:dance t-shirt and some cute shorts i got from old navy - only six bucks! lol
hair:up in a messy bun
listening to:nuttin
talking to:no one - i'm soo-> lonely
thinking about:how proud i am of myself for updatin - i made a whole new subpage - omigosh!!!!

* * *
date:january 17th
time:3:20 pm
wearing:purple shirt and jeans
hair:down, parted down the middle
eating:bubble tape gum... mmmm
listening to:nuttin
talking to:one of mah friends
thinking about:no school tomorrow (yeah!) and how freakin hungry i am!!

* * *
date:august 21st
time:8:44 pm
wearing:red halter top w/ pink trim and red flannel boxer shorts
hair:down, parted down the middle w/ a messy part
eating:pringles and a granola bar (nutritious, huh??)
drinking:lemonade... yum! :)
listening to:nuttin
talking to:two of my friends thru im
thinking about:my garage sale tomorrow

* * *

date:august 10th
time:6:16 pm
wearing:purple spaghetti-strap gap tank top and jeans
hair:down, parted down the middle
drinking:diet coke (it's the only cold soda we have)
listening to:the tv downstairs (in the background)
talking to:nobody
thinking about:if the pics i'm tryin' to upload will actually work... errrrr

* * *

date:august 6th
time:5:00 pm
wearing:tieing red halter top and jeans
hair:half down, half up in an upside down bun and spiked
listening to:nothing
talking to:nobody
thinking about:my school schedule i just got today