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-sorry if these are a lil blurry... i'm still gettin' the hang of scannin'... =)-

This is a photo of my lil sis, Natalie, and me kissin' her... aren't we soooo sweet? (yeah right) This was taken on July 26

This is a pic of me and all my sisters taken July 19... from left to right: Bethany, me holding Nat, and Becca

This pic was taken July 19 at Tumble Drum where we had the twins' birthday party. From left to right: Bethany, Becca, the twins' friend Madison (i guess she's thinkin' here... lol), Nat, moi, Natalie's friend (Madison's sis) Kenzie, and my best friend, Kelly (she looks really tan in this pic... almost black! =) )