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07-27-01 ~ i have finally taken all of those cliques and moved them to "my cliques". i kinda thought they looked tacky and junk. i am still waiting for a code, and i'll only wait one more day. if you know the url to a webpage called funkie monkie, please send it to me. i can then put it up and ask for that code!!!! have you guys ever seen a type of list where you click on "me" or whatever and all of the subpages show up under it (it's kind like AOL's Favorite Places)?? if you know that code, i would really appreciate it if you would e-mail me with it. be sure to send me your url, too, and if it's the right code i will definetely credit you. thanks sooo much!! please check that out and sign the gbook!!! thanks... well, g2g.
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