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My Best Friend

Here's some info about one of my best friends, Kelly...

Name: Kelly
E-mail Address:
Age: 11
Location: Missouri, USA
Grade: 6
Birthday: June 19, 1990
Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Siblings: 14 year old sister (Krisie) and 13 year old brother (Danny)
Pets: 1 dog (Buddy), 2 cats (Mickey and Minnie)
Fav Stores: Limited Too, Old Navy, Claire's, JCPenney, and The Icing
Sports: Soccer, Basketball, Dance, Softball
Hobbies: She likes to shop, swim, play sports, and hang out with friends (mostly me... LOL)
Fav Movie: Save the Last Dance, Bring It On, and Miss Congeniality
Fav Artists: 'Lil Romeo, Dream, LFO, Shaggy, and Nelly
Fav Color: Orange
Fav animal: Hamsters
Fav foods: Puppy Show, salad, strawberries, and French Onion dip (alone... ugh!)
Fav season: Spring
Friends: Alyssa (really???), Valerie, Bridget, Jayme, Bri...
Approximate Number of CDs: 10