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About Me

Name: Alyssa
Age: 13
Location: Missouri, USA
Grade: 7
Birthday: September 22, 1989
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Hazel
Siblings: 6 year old twin sisters (Bethany and Rebecca) and a 3 year old, Natalie
Pets: 1 dog (Max)
Fav Stores: I like a lot of stores, but my FAVORITES are Limited Too, Gap, and Old Navy
Sports: Dance, DANCE, and DANCE
Hobbies: I really like to write, read, dance, get on-line, update my page, shop, swim, and hang out with all of my friends.
Fav Movie: Center Stage, Dirty Dancing, and Ocean's Eleven
Fav Singers: Nelly, Alicia Keys, Ashanti, Ja Rule, Jennier Lopez, Arvil Lavigne
Fav Color: Purple
Fav animal: Gotta go with cows! :)
Fav foods: Black olives, Puppy Chow, and cucumbers
Fav season: Fall - cuz my birthday's in the fall!
Friends: Oh gosh - Kathie, Lauren, Kelly, Jayme, Danielle, Jeslynne, Caity, Kayla, Amanda, Brooke, Shainia, etc. If I forgot you, I'm soo-> sorry - I still luv ya!
Approximate Number of CDs: 34