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Aaron's Party (Come Get It)

1. Intro-Come to the Party
2. Aaron's Party[come get it]
3. I Want Candy
4. Bounce
5. My Internet Girl
6. That's How I Beat Shaq
7. The Clapping Song
8. Iko Iko
9. Real Good Time
10. Tell Me What You Want
11. Girl You Shine
-Life is a Party-

Aaron Carter
1. I Will Be Yours
2. Crazy Little Party Girl
3. One Bad Apple
4. I'm Gonna Miss You Forever
5. Tell Me How To Make You Smile
6. Shake It
7. Please Don't Go Girl
8. Get Wild
9. I'd Do Anything
10. Ain't That Cute
11. Crush On You
12. Swing It Out

Surfin' USA

Surfin' USA
Let the Music Heal Your Soul


(Have Some)Fun With the Funk
One for the Summer
Hang on Sloopy
Jump Jump