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Help for Rachel

To create frames DON'T CHANGE ANY CODE!!! - i have it all figured out so just copy and paste where i tell you.

First, create a new page called, "index2.html" -create file- make sure to have an .html -
>>>Choose ADVANCED editor
Delete everything in the text block
Copy & Paste the following code:

<html> <frameset cols="30%,70%"> <frame src="" name="terminator"> <frame src="" name="terminator2"> </frameset>

Next, creat a page the same way called "menu.html" -in advanced editor - delete everything and paste the following code:

<html> <body bgcolor="black"><font color="lime" font face="arial" font size="5"> <a href="" target="terminator2"></a> </html>

Then, create a page in BASIC editor called "main.html" - create a regular page however you want!