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Grammy Interview-2000

Woman: So what are you doing at the Grammy's here today Aaron?
Aaron: Uhmmm. I'm actually, uh, with my brother Nick Carter, uh, from the Backstreet Boys and, uh, just, uh, hanging out and, uh, just enjoying the show.
Woman: He's up for about 6 awards isn't he today?
Aaron: Yeah.
Woman: Do you think he's gonna get any?
Aaron: Most Definatley (Laughs)
Woman: What are you most looking forward to seeing today?
Aaron: Um, I'm rooting for my brother. And Umm, like, I, I dunno, but probably, mostly my brother, and Britney Spears too.
Woman: Do you like Britney?
Aaron: Yeah, she's a nice girl. I like her.
Woman: Where'd you get your suit from?
Aaron: Uh, it's after delento or something like that. Umm, and Uh, I got it from, uh, a store Fashion District in LA. My mom got it for me.
Woman: Thank you very much for talking to us. Have a nice day!