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FACTSAaron Facts
Full Name: Aaron Charles Carter
Nick Names: AirBoy, Air head(his dad calls him that),Chuckie,Air-Bear,AC , Big "A", Aar.
B-Day: December 7, 1987
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Hair: blond
Eye: brown
Birth Place: Tampa Bay, Florida, General Hospital
Raised In: Ruskin, Florida ,some time spent in orland0
Fav School Subject: Math and Social Studies
Least Fav School Subject: English and
Fav Dirt Bike:Kawasaki KX80 - Two stroke, six speed
Fav Colors: Blue, Green
my very little known fact...
My sister like a year ago got a dog from this dog shop. When someone gets a dog they take their picture with their pet and you'll never believe who's picture they had there - AARON'S!!!! I didn't go to it the first time, but my sister did tell me. Now the petshop went out of business but it was called RENEE'S PETS. It is in Hopwood, PA which isn't very big. I live in Uniontown which is right next to Hopwood. Uniontown is about 66 miles south of Pittsburgh, PA. I read an interview on a website which Aaron said he got a dog in Pennsylvania and I just realized my sister told the truth. Imagine my sister telling the truth to me. That's a miracle if you knew my sister!