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Red Oak, Tx.

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Red Oak BASS Club

Red Oak, Texas 75154

Chapter By-Laws

January 2001


Article I -

Name: The organization shall be known as the Red Oak Bass Club. The club shall be a non-profit organization

Article II -


A. To promote the sport of bass fishing by the sharing of knowledge and skills.

B. To promote fellowship and friendship among those interested in the sport of fishing.

C. To advance members to the Bass Master Federation Tournaments.

D. To promote safety in angling, boating and transportation.

E. To abide by all Federal, State and Local Laws and lake requirements.

F. To advance and promote members fishing careers.


Article III -

Section I: Membership

Members shall consist of those adults who pay prescribed club dues and are willing to abide by the Club's Constitution and Bylaws and the Club's Tournament Rules. New members must be recommended by a current member and duly noted in the Secretary minutes. Members must subscribe to BassMassters Magazine and be a member of the BassMaster Federation. New members shall be voted in by secret ballot and affirmation must be by majority. Members must be a minimum of 16 years old.

Section II: Removal of Membership

A Member shall be dropped from the membership roll for the following:

(a) Failure to pay dues

(b) Any action, which would reflect, dishonor and disgrace on the chapter and/or B.A.S.S.

(c) Failure to attend 50% of the chapter functions during a 12(Twelve) month period.

(d) Disqualification for any reason from participation in B.A.S.S. sponsored events including disqualification for use of drugs or alcohol.

Aricle IV

Section I: Officers

The elected officers of the club shall be:

1. President

2. Vice-President/Tournament Director

3. Secretary/Editor

4. Treasurer

5. Director(1)

Positions voted in by the club but have no Executive Committee responsibilities:

1. B.A.S.S. Federation representative

2. Youth Director

If officers cannot be elected because no one will accept candidacy, the top ten (10) will volunteer to assume any open office for the next year.

Section II: Period of Term

Elected officers will serve for a period of two(2) consecutive years. State Federation and Youth representatives will serve a period of one(1) year.

Article V

Duties of Elected Officers


(a) Preside at Executive Committee meetings, club meetings, and other club activities.

(b) Be an Ex-officio member of all committees.

(c) Represent the club as spokesman.

(d) Coordinate various officer's duties and maintain the smooth functioning of the club.

(e) Vote only in the event of a tie vote.

(f) Conduct an Executive Committee meeting prior to the newsletter distribution to plan the club meeting agenda, group activities and consider other club business.

Vice President/Tournament Director

(a) Assume duties of the president in his/her absence.

(b) To preside in part and assist the President at all meetings and club activities.

(c) Enforce the Tournament Rules as adopted by the club's membership.

(d) Designate starting and weigh-in times and determine weigh-in site.

(e) Maintain records and rosters of tournament standings, and provide standings at the Executive Committee meetings and for inclusion in the newsletter.

(f) Personally officiate weigh-in.

(g) Have complete authority to survey and police tournament activity at his descretion, to insure proper conduct including the dismissal of a club member if necessary. Dismissal of a club member is subject to review by the Executive Committee.

(h) Have the authority to cancel and/or reschedule any tournament when in his own judgement and with a majority of the membership determines the weather is unsafe or other conditions exist. This must be done ten(10) days prior to the regularly scheduled monthly meeting either by written notice or telephone call.

(i) Recap monthly tournament weigh-in for the Executive Committee, review and filing with the Secretary.


(a) Keep the minutes of Executive Committee meetings, club meetings, and handle club correspondence.

(b) Maintain files on club correspondence, rosters, copies of Constitution and Bylaws, Tournament Rules and recap of tournament results.

(c) Prepare and distribute club rosters, and prepare and distribute new copies of constitution and Bylaws and Tournament Rules in the event of revision.

(d) Prepare newsletter notice of the club meeting agenda adopted by the Executive Committee.

(e) Prepare a newsletter announcement of the tournament winners.


(a) Be responsible for collecting dues and fees.

(b) Maintain financial statement at the meetings.

(c) Maintain records of finances and club dues.

(d) Over-see disbursements.

(e) Prepare a written financial report at the end of office.

Article VI

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of the Elected officers. The Executive Committee shall:

(a) Plan club meeting agenda, group activities and consider other club business.

(b) Approve costs to obtain programs/speakers for the club meetings.

(c) Assign Chairmanships of standing committees.

(d) Review and determine action on dismissals, impeachments, charges of cheating, and other controversial matters affecting membership or image of the club.

(e) Determine the locatin of the club meetings and dates.

Article VII


The club will meet the Thursday preceding the third Sunday of each month at 7:30 primarily to handle club business and details of monthly tournaments(unless otherwise stated).

Article VIII



Dues are currently set at $53.00 per single year. Breakdown is as follows:

~ $20.00 Club Membership

~ $18.00 B.A.S.S. State Affiliation

~ $15.00 National B.A.S.S. Dues

They are due on or after the first Thursday of the year. Club dues are $10.00 for new membership in July or after but Federation and National dues stay the same.

Tournament Fees

~ Tournament fees are currently set at $30.00 for specified limit stringer, $5.00 for Big Bass(optional) and $5.00 for Team Pot(optional).

Article IX


Tournaments will be held on the first weekend following each monthly club meeting. There will be Ten(10) one day trounaments and two(2)(optional) of which will be held as night tournaments. The dates of the tournaments will be determined by a majority vote of those members present at the last club meeting of the year.

Total Points will be accumulated for nine(9) out of the ten(10) tournaments during the year and is for the purpose of determining the Top-Six with Angler of the Year.

The points standings are as follows:

~ 1st Place - Fifty(50) points plus total weight for tournament.

~ 2nd Place - Forty-Nine(49) points plus total weight for tournament.

~ 3rd Place - Forty-Eight(48) points plus total weight for tournament.

A one point numerical decline, plus total weight will continue through all entrants who caught fish. Five(5) show points will be awarded to all participants who enter the tournament but do not weigh-in fish.

Article X

Prizes and Awards

Prize money will be determined by the number of entries in any one single tournament.

A. Distribution of stringer fees:

~ Club will retain 5% or $15.00 minimum from each tournament for club expenses.

~ Distribution of payback to members entering tournament is as follows based on payment of three(3) places with one(1) additional place for every four contestants over ten(10) contestants:


1st 50%

2nd 30%

3rd 20%

(B) Big Bass: Largest Bass of the tournament. 100% of Big Bass entry fees goes to the contestant with the largest bass.

(C) Team Pot: Boat with greatest boater, no-boater-combined weight will split 100% of pot. If a boater or no-boater chooses not to enter the Team Pot, the participant in the boat who did enter the pot will still use his or her weight but all winnings only will go to the participant who entered the pot. If a boater fishes without a no-boater, then the weight for all no boaters will go into a hat and the boater will draw out one weight, which he will use as his no-boater weight.

Article XI

Eligibility for the David Moore Classic

To be eligible to fish the David Moore Classic you must:

~ be a member in good standings and have participated as a member in at least one(1) previous tournament this year.