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DOI Interview-On The Set Of Surfin' USA

It's a cloudy and cold Wednesday morning in Malibu, California. Normally, some early-bird athletes can be seen disappearing into the fog as they ride their bikes or simply jog along the coast - not today. It's a bit too cold, or too misty for these daily warriors. In fact, the only loyal friends of the ocean seem to be the surfers who catch the tall waves in the morning and the seabirds in the sky, hovering over them like mother nature's lifeguards. Today they've got company and this bird has work to do. As the fog gives way, I see the blond, shaggy-haired, friendly face of Aaron Carter appear. He is wearing a tight black wetsuit with bright red lines across it. He looks more like a superhero ready for action than a 10-year-old boy. The action Aaron is preparing for will be happening in front of a film camera. The cast and crew have gathered in Malibu to shoot Aaron's latest music video "Surfin' U.S.A." The song is a remake of the classic hit by The Beach Boys. Print and TV journalists from all over the globe are here to get a behind-the-scenes look at how hard this ten-year-old professional works for his music and his fans. DOI was there to bring the news to all Aaron fans. As the young brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, Aaron started filling some big footsteps. His first attempt was with his band "Dead End" at the age of 7. After reaching "the end" with the band in 1996, Aaron shifted gears and pursued a solo career during which he was spotted by EDEL music representatives while performing alongside his favorite lads, the Backstreet Boys. With the release of his debut single "Crush on You" in 1997, this Florida-boy has become the dream of every record company, starting the type of hit-making, lucrative career that may make even to the biggest rock stars of our times envious. However, success has not spoiled this bright, humorous, creative and talented star. On the road, Aaron is accompanied by his mother Jane and father Robert, who supervise his professional career while raising a kind, polite "gentleman." DOI decided to go to them for the scoop. What do Mom and Dad say about Aaron...?

What kind of a boy is Aaron?
Robert Carter: Aaron is very quick, with an imaginative mind and he's smart.

When did you realize that he has what it takes to be a star?
Robert Carter: Aaron is a natural actor, comedian, and also a dramatic talent.
Jane Carter: I noticed that even with the BackStreet Boys he wanted to get into the mix. He looked up to them. You see, Aaron is a natural singer. He only had a very few voice lessons. He had no previous dance experience prior to "Crush On You," but he learned so fast.

Aaron is a very quick learner, in deed. For "Surfin' U.S.A" Aaron gets the chance to hit the big waves, surfing in front of the cameras. In the water Aaron held his own with the bigger boys who were surfing with him.

Is he always this cheerful or is it the surf and the beach?
Robert Carter: Oh, yeah. He loves every minute of it. He's having the time of his life. He's a scuba diver too.
Jane Carter: We live near the water so he's enjoying this day at the beach. Aaron is definitely a water boy.

When did he learn to surf?
Jane Carter: In Malaysia when he was touring. We were at this water-park and Aaron saw these people in a wave pool. He decided to try it and he really did it.

So is he that brave in welcoming every new challenge with open arms?
Robert Carter: Pretty Much, yes! Actually, Aaron's personality is like that. He's more outgoing, maybe more than Nick and he's also a bit more aggressive.

How does he compete at home with Nick?
Robert Carter: Oh, Nick and Aaron are very close and love each other a lot. Nick worries about him and gives him advice. Jane Carter: (nodding) The age difference between them is not an issue. Nick still plays Ninja Turtles with Aaron.
Robert Carter: (chuckles) I don't think we should have shared that.

As parents of two very successful and famous boys, how do you keep them in line or how do you raise them? Jane Carter: We're parents. We don't control our children, we guide them. Everybody has rules to survive by. They may get grounded or told to go to their rooms, but not often at all because they both really are great kids.
Robert Carter: I really want to keep them wholesome, and honest.

How do you achieve that? What's your secret?
Robert Carter: With lots of attention, togetherness and guidance.
Jane Carter: I agree. I recently had a compliment in the airplane. The flight attendant said Aaron is the best young boy they've had in first class.

Aaron Carter deserves first class treatment because I noticed that he treats everyone with respect. His cast and crew praise him and joke around with him. His director loves him and lets Aaron sit on his lap to watch a scene they just shot on a playback monitor. The catering and craft services enjoy him as he runs back to grab a quick snack such as chocolate, a peanut butter sandwich, or a glass of apple juice. But what does Aaron himself think about all this...? For that, I had to go to him.

So this new song "Surfin' USA" is about big time surfing. Are you a big surfer?
Aaron Carter: I don't know, but I'm pretty good. I just learned.

What other water activities do you like?
Aaron Carter: I love fishing. I once caught this huge catfish, maybe your size!?

It seems like you are a self-starter in many things, but can you tell me if being the brother of one of the Backstreet Boys has helped you at all?
Aaron Carter: Nick helped me a lot, but I've done my own work, too. Actually, I was picked by Edel records when I was performing with the Backstreet Boys.

Now that you are famous too, can you tell me who gets more fan-mail?
Aaron Carter: Oh, yeah, it's Nick.

What can you tell me about your fans?
Aaron Carter: They are all girls and mostly 15 years old.

What's the best thing about being famous?
Aaron Carter: Getting to perform on stage and traveling. I like to travel because I can sleep for a long time when I'm on vacation.

You travel from town to town. What's the first thing you like doing when you arrive to a new place?
Aaron Carter: I check to see what's in the hotel room, first. I want to see if they have Nintendo games.

Is it safe to say you like being on the road, or does it affect you when you are away from home?
Aaron Carter: I like it a lot. My mom and dad are with me all the time, so it doesn't affect me.

You chose a classic Beach Boys song to record. Are you a fan of their music?
Aaron Carter: No, not necessarily. It's a fun song. Edel picked it for me, but I liked it.

Then, what would you listen to if you were at home or on the road?
Aaron Carter: All kinds of music, Backstreet Boys of course, and Metallica. I don't really like country music or jazz.

Any other Carters we should watch out for?
Aaron Carter: Maybe...! My sister Leslie may become a guitarist but will probably perform by herself.