You see that flag in the picture?  And the look on Bono’s face?  The people I’m about to thank make me feel like that…safe…secure…needed…always willing to give a hug and wrap me up away from everything that hurts.  I’ve never written a thank-you page before.  It’s not that I didn’t intend to…I just…I don’t know.  There are so many people I’ve been so very lucky to correspond with, and I don’t want anyone to feel as though I’ve slighted them because they aren’t on this page.  I’m a ditz.  I forget things.  Y’all should know that by now…but anyway…here’s a few people who have carried me through…



To K…whose words inspire my own.  For letting me whine…for the strangest sort of normalcy…for watching my back.


To Vix…for continually finding things to add to the list.  For giving me new people to watch.  For late nights and the ever-present BBB…


To Gabby…for praise I’m not sure I deserve sometimes.  For support and encouragement.  For tolerating my incessant babbling.


To my Evil Twin…for lectures on mastitis, the true purpose of food…and free therapy.


To C…for clarity when everything was so mixed up.  For Emerson.  For being you.


To Rodney…for a shoulder to cry on and late nights at Denny’s.  For knowing…and never, ever telling.


To the Ladies of Dirty Pop…for putting me back in the saddle…for giving me a new home.  For awesome feedback and mature conversation.


To the Ladies of PleasurePlayland…for laughter, eye candy of the sweetest variety, and insight.


To VM…girl, where the hell are you?  I miss you…


To Rachel…for spiking the sauce…for ideas and inspiration.  For asking those questions that demand to be answered. 


To Karen…for forgiveness.


To Jess…you want it, you got it.  LJ, up and running.


To Fantinibigditude, baby!


To everyone who has taken the time to write…for keeping the torch lit.  Your efforts do not go unnoticed.



© 2002  ~A