(Or, ~A explains some stuff…)


Well.  Here we are again.


I guess, in some small way, I probably owe you an explanation of some sort for my disappearance and subsequent return to the internet.


But I’m tired of owing people things.


I’m tired of censoring what I want to say simply because other people aren’t ready to handle it.  No one is forcing a gun to your head, telling you to read my works or die.  No one, least of all me, is telling you to believe what you read.  Maybe your images of *NSYNC intersect with the images I project in my fanfic.  Maybe not.  Either way is fine by me.  Believe what you want.


I will, however give you fair warning that I don’t paint my pictures with pastels.  There are murky grays and muddy blacks and other dark, foreboding colors within, and sometimes things don’t work out well.  At all.  The tones and themes you’ll find in my works aren’t of the “sweetness and light” variety.  If that sort of thing doesn’t appeal to you, then perhaps you shouldn’t enter the site.  I like to think that the flashes of light make the days of darkness worth it…but…those flashes are few and far between.


Here’s the thing: I’m all for constructive criticism.  I am.  I’ve written slash before and people have written and told me they liked the story premise but the slash turned them off.  I appreciate that.  People have written and said that some of my circumstances are too far-fetched, taking away from the story.  That’s fine too.  I’m looking for ways to improve, and I can’t do that if I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.  So honest criticism is very much encouraged.


But…UR such a bytch.  JC would never do the things u say he did” is not what I consider criticism.  It’s being delusional.  It doesn’t reflect on my writing, it reflects on the immature mindset some of these teenies have.  How the hell do YOU (or “u,” depending on your maturity level) know he DOESN’T do what I’ve put in my stories?  Who are YOU to say he WOULDN’T do these things?  It irks me that the very people who proclaim they want to see the “real” *NSYNC cannot stomach anything but the most saccharine, milky-white fantasies.  Love hurts, folks.  I stand by my opinion on that.  Life sucks sometimes.  Everybody fucks up.  And if you believe that doesn’t hold true for five pretty boys with equally pretty voices…well…maybe you have a little more learning to do.


I don’t mean to sound harsh.  And for those of you who have been supportive of my work, or who have taken the time to offer honest criticism regardless of whether you subscribe to the subject matter of the stories…thank you.  Click on “bytch” (above paragraph) to get into the site.  And I’m sorry for posting this big-ass disclaimer when it doesn’t really apply to you anyway.  So…


That should, as Bill Flanagan would say, shake off the whiners.  Pack your bags and free your mind.  We’re going for a ride.