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The Stories This Time Around

Welcome to My page, it is dedicated to Hanson and all their endevors! Were all excited about the new song "This Time Around" and the CD of the same name. Now as it closes in on March 6... the day This Time Around is released, were all preparing. Buying new tapes and makeing sure our VCRs are in tiptop shape for recording. Buying new outfits that we know Hanson will never see, but we can't wear the same one we wore to watch the last TV appearence. Oh and of course finding out which store will be open for 24 hours so we can buy the CD the second it comes out. These are just minor details in the life of a Hanson fan. Because of course theres still school, family, and friends. So what is a Hanson fan to do as the mania starts to permiate their everyday life? Relax... Yes hard to do I know, but making yourself crazy doesn't make the day get here any faster. Count the days, and keep the love. Hanson needs our support, because without it they wouldn't be here. HANSONMANIA HERE WE COME!!!! GET READY MTV

Before This Time Around

We've all noticed that Hanson has grown up quite a bit since we last saw them. New hair cuts, deeper voices, and a stronger sound. Were not complaining that they've lost the teeny bopper image, but we can't forget the Hanson we all fell "in love" with. So this is a tribute to the Hanson from the Middle of Nowhere, and in our hearts.

Hanson with Guest artist Jonny Lang

With three really great CD under his belt, Jonny Lang is ready to lend a helping hand to Hanson. Being in my opinion one of the best blues guitarists Jonny is a great pick for the album. Looking very Hansonish with his newly shorn blond locks Jonny fits right in to the trio of tow heads from Tulsa, even though he is admittedly from Minnesota.

The shorn guys from Nowhere

Well as the days count down to May 9..anticipation bubbles just under the guise of a college student. I am that college student, and the anticipation is for Hanson. Admittedly my favorite band. Through everything Hanson has been there with their beautifully blending voices always putting a smile on my face, and warmth in my heart. So now as the newest endevor of Hanson comes into creation, Hansonmaina is starting to set in! Waiting has never been an easy thing for me... and I'm sure the guys are ready to break out of the studio and get back to the stage. And believe me the fans around the world, and here in Buffalo couldn't get anymore thrilled. We hope to be a stop on the tour, but even if were not, we'll support it all the way! Welcome to HANSONMANIA 2000!