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Cute Nsync Quotes


(When asked how they feel about Justin getting all the attention.)
JC- “It’s all good.” Chris- “He’s our favorite too!”

Justin- “You know what I want? I want to get one of those big, thick bowls and I want to get my name engraved on it- 'Justin's Cereal', or something like that."

Justin- "The first hour I'm up, I'm completely upset at the world until I eat."

Justin- "Don't you be tryin' to get my liscense plate on camera, or I'll hafta kill ya."

Justin- "I can only dog paddle"

Justin- “Me and one of our Security guards always joke that I fall asleep anywhere anytime.”

Justin- “A steady motion or sound, that’ll put me to sleep.” (What does he mean by that? Hehehehehe)

Justin- "So what we're basically saying is that JC is a klepto." (on JC stealing Hard Rock Café menus)

Justin- "I'm big fine woman why dont I back my thang up"

Justin- “I’m a party animal, when the guys invite me to parties.

Justin- “Ya like that don’t cha!”

Justin- “I’m too young to go clubin.”

Justin- “I don’t know how to read.”

Justin- "I just kinda take my hand through my hair & just go like that & then my hair's ready cuz itz just nothin' but a afro."

Justin- "I haven't had much of a chance to go clubbing yet because we're so busy, but I snuck into clubs before so...Maybe I shouldn't be telling people that!"

Justin- "Joey, man, your brother loves you. You're both full of sh. . . stuff."

Chris-"There used to be four guys in the group, but then he just kept following us around." (refering to Joey)

Chris- “Sometimes I am confident but a lot of times I am uncomfortable.”

Chris-"My fear of heights isnt a fear, it is a phoebia! Cause I dont fear anything"

Chris- "I'm just the most intellegent man in the band."

Chris- "She likes me but the questions for Justin"

Chris- "JC dances in front of the mirror quite a lot and makes all these crazy faces at himself."

Chris- “He designed that? I’m gonna hit him in his head.” (Referring to Justin)

Chris- "The funny thing about JC is.....well, say we're driving somewhere and we see a pretty girl on the sidewalk, the four of us will go, "Hey check out that girl".....and five minutes later JC will go, "Wow check out that dog. What kind is it?

Chris- “I never did anything in school, I was just blamed for everything.”

Joey- “We try to add our own style, ya know make it an *NSYNC sound.”

Joey- Say something!” Justin- “Something!”

JC- “Joey comes and eats all of our food anyway. Scrub!”

JC- There's a rule that we follow around here, and it's 'Don't Let Joey Talk.'

JC- "Don't let him fool you! Joey has no shame. You can't embarrass Joey."

JC- “I don’t know any of these people.”

JC- "A bag of fleas is easier to control then our dear Chris Kirkpatrick."

JC- “Everyone thinks I like to sleep. It’s not that I like to sleep, it’s that I don’t like to get up! There is a difference.”

JC- "We turn into little tourists everywhere we go."

JC- "My sister said she had an entire conversation with me and I was talking in my sleep!"

JC- "What kind of boy next door do you know that has hair like this?" (Chris' hair)

JC- "Everyone thinks I like to sleep. It's not that I like to sleep, it's that I don't like to get up! There is a difference."

Chris- "JC dances in front of the mirror quite a lot and makes all these crazy faces at himself."

Lance- "I can't sleep with any light whatsoever. My cell phone has this little charger and it has a little, itty-bitty light and I can see it when my eyes are closed. It bugs the heck out of me! I have to have total darkness, unless there's a fireplace."

Lance- “On tours, we always hackey sack before a show. We have to delay the show sometimes because we aren’t very good. We’ll have to come up with some new rituals.”

Lance- "I'll play basketball, but I'm sooooooooo bad at it!"

Lance- "I ran with the bulls!"

Lance- "Chris cries when he reads fan mail. He's happy because people like him."