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Jenny Morris OFFICIAL Fansite
Welcome to The OFFICIAL Jenny Morris Fansite. This is your number one source to everything you need to know about the wonderful Jenny Morris from the girl group, Innosense.

Hey! Their is some Headline News, and there is an update on the contest!Check'em out!.

We are revamped and OFFICIAL. Check out the redone site and the new contest!.

News Headline
New Radio Single
'Know The Unknown' is the new single. You can start requesting it on some local radio stations and you can also find it on the pokemon soundtrack.

Whose leaving?
Ok, guys! If you have heard bout Jenny leaving the group, I have to say I have a story on it and I can say it's only 98% real. I am saying this from reliable sources too. So, please don't start rumors! Jenny will come out and say it herself if she is leaving and why she is. Just give her time. Our group might be the first to know since this is her official list. So, if you start hearing things from other lists don't believe it till it's either approved by the head people from Innosense Street Team, or me on this list. Well take care! And trust me everything is going to be FINE! :). Have a nice day! Feel free to e-mail me w/ any questions! ~Candice~

Disney Channel
Hey guys! I am writing for a little help. My friend is starting a campaign to get the girls on Disney channel as well as a support system for them. She is aiming for 250-500 people! Pass this along in e-mail or post it on message boards, tell people to send me their home addy and I will send them the info! Also, if you have any home addys or email addys of Innosense fans, would you E-mail them to her! School ends next week and she is going to work on this 110% These girls deserve the best and it is the fans who will get it for them! Thanks again! ~Candy~ E-mail Amy HERE!!!

Request Say No More on TRL!

It's up to us. Just make the effort.

//don't cha//

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