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News/Updates 2001:

July 05, 2001 "hey. maybe you have not heard of this but pyt's debut album is coming in august!!!"

June 26, 2001
Yo yo yo, yes i am back, so peoples who have an info whatsoever on PYT please email it to me, i know i havent updated since like september, but well the school year has been a challenge of some what, so nething youve got on PYT im willing to take, news, articles, pics, whatever, doesnt matter, just email it to me, so i just wanted to let ya'll know that im still alive here!

September 20, 2000
"MAJOR NEWS! Read below:
Hey, what's up? My name is Andre and I'm the producer of "PYT (Down With Me)". You heard correct. Unfortunately "Down With Me" has been recalled as the single. Which means the video will most likely not be released either. The single is now going to be a song called "Same 'Ol". Don't worry because it's just as hot. I even think it's hotter. Andre"Prenuer" Sophic/Mercenaries/Epic/"....(*or maybe its " same ol' "?..whatever,lol.*)

September 16, 2000
Summer Music Mania was great, especially PYT and britney!!!...yea!

September 12, 2000
Pyt's single is out, go and get it if u can find it, i Music Mania is on Fox this friday (singing "PYT(Down With Me)" and PYT concert shirts are black with the silver logo, ok

September 10, 2000
Hey yo, if u want all of PYT's old/new songs then just go download them off of napster, jsut write in pyt and then one of the songs from the lyrics section, every single one should pop up. I personally have them all on napster, and cant wait for the album.

September 03, 2000
Thanks to, Heres some info on the PYT single "PYT(Down w/ Me)", the cover is white with the girls in a diamond shape and the PYT name is in the middle with the single name on top. The single cover is the same as the album cover. The tracks on the single are "PYT(Down w/ Me), Yeah Yeah Yeah, Call Me Anytime, Simple Things and No Ifs Ands Or Buts."

September 01, 2000
The new PYT single is now out "PYT(Down With Me)", but in some stores it has been recalled for god knows why, so u can still go check stores around ure area if they have it or not. I personally dont have it, actually i havent checked

August 23, 2000
Added in the lyrics to "Anywhere USA" which is on the soundtrack to "Bring It On," soundtrack came out today.

August 20, 2000
I added in another Concert Review, its number 19.

August 17, 2000
PYT {Down W/ Me} will be released Aug. 29th not the 15th. All the girls of PYT will be on the show 'Noah Knows Best' not just Lauren.

August 15, 2000
This months BB mag will feature PYT and backstage stuff from their making the video.

August 15, 2000
On The Fox Family Channel they are showing the Summer Music Mania Special September 13 which will feature acts like PYT, Mandy Moore, Christina Aguilera and Jessica Simpson.

August 15, 2000
PYT will be featured on the 'Bring It On' soundtrack singing "Anywhere USA," soundtrack somes out august 22.

August 15, 2000
PYT(Down With Me) the single will be Release today! Yes, august 15th. Or so ive heard. So go on and get it!

August 12, 2000
Thanks Deanna, 'Noah Knows Best' will be airing on Nickelodeon, remember Lauren will be on this show sometime.

August 10, 2000
Added in a new review, thanks Cortney!..also if anyone else has any reviews from a pyt concert or any pics please send them to me!

August 09, 2000
Lauren will act in a tv show called "Noah Knows Best" look for that when you watch tv, no idea what channel or station.

August 09, 2000
PYT have recorded yet another song for they're album, its called "Weak" and since they have now recorded 3 brand new songs, the track listing and date for the album is probly gonna change.

August 08, 2000
If u've seen PYT in concert, this year or last year...or WHENEVER, then please send me a concert review!

August 08, 2000
I've changed the site around a bit, hope u like it.

August 06, 2000
Check out the new Teen Faces pics in the pictures sections!

August 06, 2000
Added in a Lyrics Section and added a new articles from Teen Faces.

August 04, 2000
PYT will be in the fall issue of Girl Magazine, which shows a special on girl groups, make sure to pick it up.

July 31, 2000
PYT are delaying their album again because they are recording 2 new songs called, "Same Old Same Old" and "You Just Don't Know."

July 31, 2000
*From the PYT Place* I recently recieved an email from Tracy she told me what the group was gonna be up to,she said that were going to be filming a FOX FAMILY Summer Music Mania 2000 Special on August 13, and on August 19 they'll be going on the ALL THAT Tour and then going back on tour with Britney on 28th! Then they'll go back to Orlando to film a show called TOP TEN and then they'll finish the Britney tour! Sounds exciting! Thanks for Emailing me back Tracy!

July 30, 2000
Check out the Center Stage Soundtrack's site and get wavz from the whole cd, link at the right.

July 27, 2000
PYT (Down With Me)" will be in stores August 29th, track listing for the album called "PYT (Tell Me If...)" is as follows:
1. P.Y.T. (Tell Me If...)
2. Yeah Yeah Yeah
3. Call Me Anytime
4. No Ifs Ands Or Buts
5. Simple Things
6. Deep Down
7. Kissing Game
8. DFW
9. Sweet Kisses
10. Something More Beautiful
11. A Girl Can Dream

July 27, 2000
PYT will be opening for Britney Spears in august. Why is it that the cool people open up for britney after i see her? I mean i could have lived without seeing no authority, cuz they really really sucked!

July 27, 2000
Jammin' With PYT is opened, i know its really dull at the moment, but at least its up. I need some more time to fix it up!

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