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Celine Songs!


This is not complete, and in no particular order!  I am just choosing my favorites since she has had so many hits!!

"Where does my heart beat now?"
"The Power of Love"
"When I fall in Love" (from Sleepless in Seattle, duet with Clive Griffen)
"The first time ever I saw your face"
"Beauty and the Beast" (from Beauty and the Beast, duet with Peabo Bryson)
"Its all coming back to me now"
"Because you loved me" (from Up Close and Personal)
"All by myself"
"River Deep, Mountain High"
"The Reason" (Duet with Carole King)
"Immortality" (Duet with the BeeGees)
"To Love You More"
"Tell Him" (Duet with Barbra Striesand)
"MY HEART WILL GO ON" (from TITANIC, my fave!!)
"Let's talk about love"
"If you asked me to"
"That's the way it is"
"Love can move mountains"
"I'm your Angel" (Duet with R Kelly)
"All the Way" (Duet with Frank Sinatra)

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