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2gether -4- Ever

Thank you for coming to my site. This site is bran new so, take a look around!

Wanna be apart of my site? I need help, I wouldn't mind sharing this site if you would like to help with somthing, like pics, or news. Just give me a E-mail, with your name and age, and what you would like to do. Thanks.

Discalimer: This site is not aflicated with 2Gether or Mtv. This site was made by FANS for FANS so, I don't recive any profit at all for anything that is said or done on my site.If there happns to be any FAN FICTION, remember that it is ONLY fiction and NOT true!.

Please Remember that all files on this site are copyrighted by Kicken 2Gether Productions, and we require permission so that we are creited for all that is used.

If you see anything on this site that belongs to you, and you are not credited for it, tell us and your name with be put on it.I love feedback! Please give me an e-mail.

Nicole Lynn E-mail Me! Give me FeedBack!

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