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Wolfsong's ASB Team

ASB Record

The Team

Absol (F)
Nickname: Angel
Ability: Pressure

Shiny Espeon (F)
Nickname: Tiana
Ability: Synchronize

Shiny Vaporeon (M)
Nickname: Zale
Ability: Water Absorb

Blaziken (F)
Nickname: Wildfire
Ability: Blaze

Meganium (M)
Nickname: Willow
Ability: Overgrow

Dragonite (M)
Nickname: Talut

Winner of the TPM ASB August Pokemon Contest
Ability: Inner Focus

Delcatty (F)
Nickname: Aiko
Ability: Cute Charm

White Spotted Houndoom (F)
Nickname: Aiyana (Yana)
Ability: Early Bird

Jolteon (M)
Nickname: Jovi
Ability: Volt Absorb

Beautifly (M)
Nickname: Hasan
Ability: Swarm

Gardevoir (F)
Nickname: Calleigh
Ability: Trace

Mightyena (M)
Nickname: Dakota
Ability: Intimidate

Shiny Azumarill (F)
Nickname: Nubia
Ability: Thick Fat

Sandslash (M)
Nickname: Dusty
Ability: Sand Veil

Arcanine (M)
Nickname: Horatio Caine (Horatio or H - for short)
Ability: Intimidate

Miltank (F)
New Nickname: Natalia Boa Vista (Nat for short)
Old Nickname: Calleigh Duquesne (Calleigh for short) Ability: Scrappy

Dustox (F)
Nickname: Ishtar
Ability: Shield Dust

Ninetales (M)
Nickname: Tim Speedle (Speed - for short)
Ability: Flash Fire

Marshtomp (M)
Nickname: Eric Delko (Delko - for short)
Ability: Torrent

Blissey (F)
Nickname: Alexx Woods (Alexx for short)
Ability: Serene Grace

Luxray (F)
Nickname: Abby
Ability: Intimidate

Aerodactyl (M)
Nickname: Dodger
Ability: Pressure

Salamence (F)
Nickname: Stella Bonasera (Stella for short)
Ability: Intimidate

Claydol (~)
Nickname: Wyatt
Ability: Levitate

Grotle (F)
Nickname: Lindsay Monroe (Either Montana or Lindsay for short)
Ability: Overgrow

Glaceon (M)
Nickname: Ryan Wolfe (Either Ryan or Mr. Wolfe for short)
Ability: Snow Cloak

Leafeon (F)
Nickname: Belle
Ability: Leaf Guard

Pidgeot (F)
Nickname: Phoenix
Ability: Keen Eye

Butterfree (F)
Nickname: Valera
Ability: Compoundeyes

Cloyster (M)
Nickname: Nereus
Ability: Shell Armor

Lucario (F)
Nickname: Ziva
Ability: Steadfast

Garchomp (F)
Nickname: Sara
Ability: Sand Veil

Ditto (~)
Nickname: Mirage
Ability: Limber

Duskull (M)
Nickname: Clavo Cruz
Ability: Levitate

Umbreon (M)
Nickname: Hades
Ability: Inner Focus

Spinarak (F)
Nickname: Arachne
Ability: Swarm

Bulbasaur (M)
Nickname: Briar
Ability: Overgrow

Gallade (M)
Nickname: Jabin
Ability: Steadfast

Piplup (M)
Nickname: Jordan
Ability: Torrent

Sneasel (F)
Nickname: Kate
Ability: Keen Eye

Masquerain (M)
Nickname: Grissom
Ability: Intimidate

Gastrodon (M)
Nickname: Triton
Ability: Storm Drain

Linoone (M)
Nickname: Ranger Rick
Ability: Quick Feet

Toxicroak (M)
Nickname: Hodges
Ability: Poison Touch

Black Stunky (M)
Nickname: Rick Stetler
Ability: Aftermath

Shiny Larvitar (M)
Nickname: Frank Tripp
Ability: Guts

Shiny Electrike (M)
Nickname: Jake Berkley
Ability: Static

Black Flareon (F)
Nickname: Midnight
Ability: Flash Fire

White Persian with Black Stripes (M)
Nickname: Kumar
Ability: Limber

Mawile (F)
Nickname: Parker
Ability: Hyper Cutter

Murkrow (M)
Nickname: Nate Ford
Ability: Super Luck

Magby (M)
Nickname: Warrick
Ability: Flame Body

Oddish (F)
Nickname: Maggie
Ability: Chlorophyll

Growlithe (F)
Nickname: Sophie
Ability: Flash Fire

Snover (F)
Nickname: Tara
Ability: Snow Warning

Metang (~)
Nickname: Alec Hardison
Ability: Clear Body

Cyndaquil (F)
Nickname: Aiden Burns
Ability: Blaze

Shiny Granbull (M)
Nickname: Elliot Spencer
Ability: Intimidate

Shiny Lapras (F)
Nickname: Ariel
Ability: Shell Armor

Charmander (M)
Nickname: Fireheart
Ability: Blaze

Chimchar (F)
Nickname: J.J
Ability: Blaze

Glameow (M)
Nickname: Garfield
Ability: Limber

Trapinch (M)
Nickname: Timothy McGee
Ability: Hyper Cutter

Spheal (F)
Nickname: Catherine
Ability: Ice Body

Cranidos (F)
Nickname: Riley
Ability: Mold Breaker

Litwick (F)
Nickname: Yelina Salas
Ability: Flame Body

Deino (M)
Nickname: Nick
Ability: Hustle

Deerling (M)
Nickname: Bambi
Ability: Sap Sipper

Shiny Zorua (F)
Nickname: Foxy
Ability: Illusion

Blitzle (M)
Nickname: Stripes
Ability: Motor Drive

Sandile (M)
Nickname: Gibbs
Ability: Intimidate

Snivy (F)
Nickname: Ivy
Ability: Overgrow

Purrloin (F)
Nickname: Nala
Ability: Limber

Braviary (M)
Nickname: Tony Dinozzo
Ability: Keen Eye