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May 11th, 2003. Mother's day.

Today was Mother's day and we got a new cat. It's this anerexic older cat named Charley and he's sweet. We found another cat too, a cross eyed kitten who we want too cos shes so cute. Well today was great, it could have been better but who cares? Just as long as it didn't suck or anything. Well I fixed soem stuff, but the links don't work so don't try em'. They will work soon though. I'll keep you posted.

May 10th, 2003. Today.

Well, today I got back the prom photos I took of Nickie and Jilie before their prom. They're great! Julie looked like a princess! Awww, she even had a small tiarh on! Hah, I'll try to post pictures soon. Sophie is coming home soon. Scary, I was getting used to her gone haha, I like my space, you know? I'm going to try and put more towards this site, it's horribly sucky, isn't it. Haha, well... Tata for now.

May 9th, 2003. Welcome.

Hello, I am Vanessa.

This is my new website. I suppose this is whereI will be posting. and Welcome! heh. Having an open mind never killed anyone.