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The Ash Slash Zone


In case you've never noticed, we're not too fond of Ash and his pals. Apologies to Ash fans, but you probably don't want to be here since all we're going to do is expose the fact that ASH IS A COMPLETE IDIOT! I HATE HIM!

Me, too!

Shut up. I'm ranting.

Okay. You don't have to bite my head off.

You want to know what I WILL do to your head?

No. I'll be shutting up now.

Thank you, James. Where was I? Oh, yes. He's a BRAT! AND HIS LITTLE FRIENDS TOO! THEY'RE ALL BRAIN-DEAD IMBECILES! Well, except for Brock. He can be okay sometimes, but most of the time he's acting like ASH WHO IS AN IDIOT!
But don't worry. Their dumb luck can't hold out forever. Team Rocket WILL prevail.

You are now going to see pictographic PROOF of how moronic that little twerp Ash is.
Those of you who don't want to see pictures of that little pus-bag in ANY form, feel free to explore other aspects of this page.

This is pretty pathetic, no matter how you look at it. Dentist, anyone?

Oh, my God! Misty's STRIPPING!

Dat little twerp! I'll get him for dis!

I swear, that little kid had to have been aiming. It was a great shot!

Blasted by his own pokémon. How pathetic.

Hand went a little too low?

Even that Pikachu looks disgusted.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

No, no, no!
*Sounds of Team Rocket in intense physical pain*

Please, spare us.

Dangit, how does he keep on surviving?

Oh, that look is just HIM.

What's the problem? Somebody slip you a mirror?

Pikachu, my love!... Blech.

Near misses. How depressing.
We could always use Arbok... I can think of a few good bite spots.

Dis is more like it! Real pictures!

It worked!
For once.
Shut up! That's no way to celebrate squashed twerp! *smack*

This is just beyond pitiful.
You said it.

Can we say MORON?!?

Umm... Sure... hee hee... you look... hee... just... hee hee hee... great... AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! No, really... heh heh heh...

It's scary how some people look just like their pets.

He's tryin' ta catch a Pidgey wit a PAJAMA TOP?

Attack of the midgets! They see the truth!

Private Ketchum, on your feet!

You really should stay out of the mirror maze, boys.


How insulting! Zombies? US?! HIM, maybe...

Sexy gloves for the new millenium...

That's no way to treat a woman! If I waved a rollercoaster in Jesse's face like that, do you think I'd survive the experience?
Ow! See what I mean?

Creepy... it's da look of da brain-dead.

I'd have clobbered him, if I were her.

Oh, bleah.
Meowth's gonna be sick.

Just can't keep your hands to yourself, can you?

This is actually a fairly pleasant picture. If only his face weren't there... oh, well. I guess nothing's perfect.
*whap* NOTHING?!?!?!
Um... except for you, of course, Jesse.

Heh heh... little does he know, we secretly slipped him Meowth's cat chow...

Ooh, they're sleeping in separate bags... they must've had a fight!
Have you been dating that Grimer again, Ash?

This one pretty much speaks for itself.

Got any good pics for this section? Send 'em in here!