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Onelani's Squirtle Art

Here are some of my Squirtle art pics. You CANNOT have these pics on your site without my permission. There will be lots more pics soon so come back for more!

(*NEW*)Turtle Buds (400 Hits!) Thank you ZIMBABWE1991 :)

(*NEW*)Jolteon VS Squirtle (300 Hits!) Thanks to AngelUnderCova1

(*NEW*)DIVE Squirtle! Is this a battle dive? Or does it look like Squirtle fell down and isn't happy about it?

Totodile & Squirtle Sliding (200 Hits!) Thank you TotodileGirl2001! ^_^

Squirtle Sitting I drew this during class. I think its body looks sort of funny...

Cloud Dreams (100 Hits!) Squirtle's Reflection's first 100 hits! Thanks to Pokemainiac777!

Bulbasaur's Last Shake One of the sad scenes from "The Fire-ing Squad"

Squirtle's Ready To Battle! Squirtle's Battling Pose

Why Are You Blushing Squirtle? I don't know why but I just had this idea of Squirtle blushing!

Bulbasaur Using Squirtle As A Sled Bulbasaur did this in Pikachu's Winter Vacation

"Squirtle!" Simple Squirtle pic I made in Paint