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Welcome to Kanani Kireihana, my name is Onelani. This is mainly a Pokemon site but mixed with a little bit of Cardcaptor Sakura, Di Gi Charat and other anime. Feel free to look around! ^_^


Okay, this REALLY SUCKS... I can't upload anything!! ><*

I was suppose to have at least 27 MB of disk space but Angelfire I guess decides to take it all away and leaving me with nothing... I had 50 MB of disk space to begin with and used up only about 23 MB. The only amount of disk space I can have now is only 20 MB. And now I can't upload anything... I'm so mad... ><*



Hey everyone I'm back from my Anime Expo trip and I had a great time. ^_^ I don't have much time to tell what I've done on my trip but when I have the time, I will. Sadly, I hate to say this, but I don't have any pictures to show you guys. On my second day, during the evening, my backpack got swiped. (That's what I think happened..) It contained my wallet, camera, hotel key and other stuff. I lost $100 of my spending money... Boy, was I ticked off. ><* (And it's my favorite backpack too! I can't replace it.. GRRR!) Unfortunately, I never got it back. :*( But besides that bad inciddent, I had a really good time and I got more stuff than I thought I would get. I also experienced lots of new anime. ^_^

New anime I watched and liked:

  • Love Hina - a bit 'ecchi' but full of laughs; the 1st episode was a riot XD
  • Hellsing - not exactly my kind of style, but it's really good (not for young people, I can tell you that o.o')
  • I My Me! Strawberry Eggs - I found this enjoyable and it had some great funny moments
  • I'm Gonna Be An Angel! - watching this after a boring anime show just brightened up my day. ^_^ You might find it sickenly cute though o.o'
  • Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat - I only got a small glimpse of the new series; Dejiko and Puchiko baking cakes... how cute ^^
  • Tenchi Muyo! GXP -'s a Tenchi series, and Tenchi's no even in it o.O' Well, the original characters do make special appearances later on.. I got to see the special screening of this! ^^ It was raw though..

    There were other anime I've been wanting to see but they weren't playing. :-/

    That's all I can think of for now I guess... I hope to attend next year! ^__^ with extreme caution next time... ><*


    Happy 4th of July everyone! ^_^ No, I don't have anything new right now but I have news:

    I'm going to Anime Expo! I'm going to my first ever anime convention today and I'm very excited. ^_^ I can't wait to see what kind of goodies they have there... I'm going to take a camera so I'll probably show pictures of my trip! ^-~ I'll be gone for at least 4 days so don't expect any updates from July 4th - 7th. See ya later! ;D


    Here are the winners for the Drawing Contest! Yes, there is a TIE!

    1st place - Halia & Chikorita
    2nd place - Peter
    3rd place - Mouse

    Congrats to the winners! ^_^ Thank you everyone again for participating. I had a though time choosing the winners... o.o;

    I made a birthday gift for Chikorita's Place! It turns 2 years old today! Congrats Chikorita! ^_^


    I'm again, up very late to update ^^; I've got quite a few new things..

    Yes, I finished one of the kiribans! Just 2 more to go to catch up! XD *8,614 Hits!* (Okay, I find out later that I made a big mistake. The kiriban was suppose to be 8,888 hits. I'm going to work on the real 8,614 hit kiriban next... ^^;;)

    The Kireihana Drawing Contest is now finally over!! The winner will be announced by next update I expect. Thank you very much to everyone who participated. ^__^ Everyone who participated will get the lil pic gift above in e-mail. If you didn't get one please let me know!

    I made a new Slayers pic in case you didn't notice on the splash page. ^^;

    I have a *new* art section! If you're interested in seeing my art that's NOT done with a Mouse or computer, then look at these 2 pictures I did in my art class at school. I must say, I like drawing on the computer more; I'm more...confident ^^;; But it's fun doing different kinds of art.


    Hello everyone... *yawn* it's 3 am and I'm still up... *yawn* On with the updates...

    Sarah was the 9,500th visitor! Congrats! Check out her Pokemon Comic site; very cute! ^_^ Chibi Kitties!

    I got another Drawing Contest entry. Thank you very much! ^_^
    Note: THE KIREIHANA DRAWING CONTEST WILL END VERY SOON so enter while you can! ^_~

    I got a copy of the 'Slayers Premium' movie the other day and I made a few screenshots. Check out my Slayers page to see a few things I've added. ^_^

    That's it for now, bye! *yawns*


    Wai!! My last day of school was on Thursday. I'm finally on vacation!! ^____^

    I don't really have anything new right now, except for pic above. I do have other stuff in the works. I should do my kiribans.. yeah, I haven't started on them yet, sorry. ^^;
    Note: I must ask this, next person who wins the next kiriban hit thing (9,500 hits) please don't ask for a Kero-chan & Suppi-chan pic. Why? Honestly, I'm getting tired of doing only those two characters for kiribans. o.O' And both of the 2 kiribans I have to do feature them. -.-;;


    My god...I feel like I've deserted my site ^^; Bad news is that I have ONE more week of school and then I'm off. More bad news is that I have nothing to update right now. :-/ A few days ago I updated 2 more entries to the drawing contest, I just never mentioned it. o.o' I also adopted a few Slayers characters chibi-style! ^_^ You can find them on my Slayers page.

    Sorry that I don't have anything new, but expect new stuff coming up. ^-~

    Happy Father's Day everyone! :)


    Ugh, school's going by fast but I want it all to end now... o.o'

    Anyways, I made a new pic!

    That's it for now, don't expect much updates coming up. ^^; Bye for now!


    Wow, it's June's almost over, summer's almost here, ah life is good ^_^

    A couple days ago I got the 1st and 2nd movie of Pocket Mosters on DVD. I watched them both immediately and wow.. The 1st movie was so good compared to the dub. (english version) I cried all over again pretty much. I watched the 2nd movie and I have to admit, I liked the 1st movie more. Also, for some weird reason, I like dub version of the 2nd movie some-what a little tiny bit more than the sub (original Japanese version). Why? I don't know really; maybe because I happen to like all of the 'punny' jokes added into the dub version. ^^;; I dunno, I usually switch back and forth on these kinds of things. I also noticed, of course, the big music changes in both movies. (The Lugia song is even different o.o') I loved how there was no music at all in certain scenes; makes it more dramatic or realistic I guess. I think I'm talking to much... maybe I'll write a review on these movies one day, who knows. *shrugs*

    Updated a Squirtle pic, it's actually a gift.

    Okay, that's it for now bye! ;)


    Holy cheese balls, it's already been a week since I last updated?? o.o' Last week there was this testing thing going on, but final projects and tests have barely started... I still have about 3 weeks left of school 'til vacation. o.<*

    Congrats to SonicFF for being the 8,888th visitor! :D

    I put up 2 Slayers pics. If you love Amelia, take a look.

    The past 3 days I've been working on a Di Gi Charat pic and I finally finished it, you'll all see it soon. That's it for now, ja ne!


    I finally did the picture for Yoli, who was one of the winners of the Coloring Contest. Sorry that it took so long to make. I lost her e-mail address so if you're Yoli, this is your picture~! Thank you Satoshi for helping me spell the word "cake" in Japanese. ^^''

    Fur Fighter Master sent in 8 fanarts! Thank you! ^_^


    I made a request pic for 4 people! ^^;

    A-gurl sent me 3 fanart pics! Arigatou! :)

    I updated my About Me page a little bit. I also made it a little easier to read.

    Gotta go, bye!


    New fanart from Agent006! Thank you! :)

    Sorry, but that's it for now, bye!


    Fur Fighter Master sent in 4 fanarts including a drawing contest entry! Thanks a bunch! ^-^


    Not really an update but, Ash Ichijouji was the 8,614 visitor! Congrats! ^_^


    the Tohjo Falls