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*~*~Squirtle's Reflection~*~*

NEW Updates: 7/19/01

T-gurl was the 500th visitor! :)

(Happy Birthday T-gurl!)

3 NEW Squirtle Fanart pics! Thank you everyone :D

Updates: 7/9/01

ZIMBABWE1991's kiriban is finally up!

Squirtle's Reflection has got a big haul of fanart today! Thank you everyone for sending in all the cute Squirtle pics! I really appreciate it! ^_^

Updates: 6/23/01

NEW art pic from me! :D

2 NEW Fanart pics from TotodileGirl2001!

Updates: 6/22/01

AngelUnderCova's kiriban is up on the splash page! Poor Squirtle...there's no way he can beat that kind of Pokemon... :*(

Golduck Trainer sent in this cute Squirtle fanart pic! Go check it out!

Updates: 6/20/01

Got more fanart from TotodileGirl2001! Thank you!

SR's 300th visitor was AngelUnderCova1! She didn't send me the counter but she said she was the 300th visitor and I believe her. She said she couldn't copy and send the counter to me...

Updates: 6/17/01

Happy Father's Day! :)

2 NEW Fanart pics from Silver92001 and ZIMBABWE1991. Thank you very much guys!

Updates: 6/14/01

200 Hits pic is up! Thanks to Totodile2001! (Invader Zori)

Updates: 6/12/01

NEW pic of Squirtle in my art section!

I'm planning to make Invader Zori's pic soon for being the 200th visitor.

Updates: 6/11/01

Squirtle's Reflection got it's 200th visitor already! I didn't know people visited this site constantely. u_u'

Anyway, Invader Zori was the 200th visitor and she even sent in a fanart pic!

Since people actually visit this site, I'll be sure to add more this site once school's over.

(Yes, I'm still in school...*sigh*)

Updates: 6/1/01

Pokemainiac777 was Squirtle's Reflection's 100th visitor! Congratulations! And thank you to everyone else for visiting this site!

Updates: 5/14/01

I put in this Squirtle movie I finally finished. The idea of the movie was from my good friend, Pokemainiac777. :)

One more thing, I have links to this site:

Updates: 5/9/01

NEW link! It's a place to watch my Squirtle movies! You have to have Flash 4 to watch them. There's one new movie in there that isn't on Kanani Kireihana yet! ;)

Updates: 4/30/01

Eee! I'm sorry I haven't updated in like a week! Just to let you know, my other site, is my main site. This site won't be updated as much as this one but I have lots of plans for this site but just wait.

BTW, thank you everyone who signed the guestbook!

Updates: 4/24/01

Just a NEW pic today. Not much but hey, it's better than no update! ;)

Updates: 4/23/01

Look below! I made an AntiAnti button with Squirtle on it! lol

NEW pic in my Artwork section and KirbyCreamPuff9 sent this fanart pic yesterday. Thanks a bunch!

I also made a guestbook! Please sign it! Is it just me, or does it look like Squirtle's signing the guestbook with a can opener?

Updates: 4/22/01

This is my first update for Squirtle's Reflection! After seeing Squirtle leave the show (such a sad episode) and I thought I should make a shrine for him. He is my #1 fav Pokemon and I thought this a good way to show how much I love him. I'm not going to give out information about him 'cause pretty much everyone knows about him and his attacks, stats and blah, blah, blah. There's not a lot of stuff on here right now but come back to see this site grow more. If you want to visit my other site:

Click here to see my Squirtle Artwork!

Click on Fanart Squirtle to see Squirtle Fanart people sent!
Click here to watch Squirtle Flash Movies!

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