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0o. Squirtle Fanart .o0

If you have any Squirtle fanart you'd like to submit, just e-mail and I'll put it on as soon as I can! Thank you.

Artist: Oakfan851

"We'll Miss You Squirtle!"

Artist: KirbyCreamPuff9

Letter to Squirtle

Artist: A-gurl

Letter To Charmander

Squirtle Cutie
Squirtle's Smilin'!
Congrats For 300 Hits!
Thank you! :)
Roller Coaster!
My Pika-Friend
Happy Lil Squirtle!

Artist: Silver92001

Memory Of Squirtle

Artist: Celebi

E-mail Squirtle!

Welcome To Starting Pokemon
Mad Lil Squirt
Squirtle's Withdraw
Sunkern Buddy
Wooper Fun!

Artist: Golduck Trainer

Happy Lil Squirt

Bye Squirtle :*(
600 Hits!

Artist: Owlie

In the Depths

Squirtle...You're Too Close...

Artist: Alison and Flameymon