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In Loving Memory of Sean Stephen Kukoleck

5-1-1981 to 12-19-2001

The Rev. Don Oleksiak of St. Monica's Catholic Church performed the memorial service
for Sean Stephen Kukoleck December 22, 2001 at Ferfolia Funeral Home.
Sean, age 20, a life long resident of Bedford, died at home on December 19, 2001.

In Sean's short life, he had an over all zest for traveling. He traveled to Italy with family
and to California and Maine with friends. He had an adventurous spirit.
Above all, his main loves were his family, his devoted friends and music of all kinds.

Sean was preceded in death by his grandparents, Mary and Edward Licht.
He is survived by his mother, Patti Kukoleck (Licht);
father Steve Kukoleck; half brothers, Ryan & Stephen.
He was the nephew of Connie, Ed & Kathy Licht;
cousin of Christopher, Lisa, Bryan, Mary-Margaret, Cara, Carmen and Steven Licht.
He was a nephew and a great nephew. A cousin to many.

He Was Loved By All & Will Be Deeply Missed.

Bedford Sun Banner - Febuary 14, 2002

Ferfolia Funeral Home
Sagamore Hills, OH
December 22, 2001

The role of a parent is eternal.
The memory of my son, Sean
will be everlasting.
Please take a moment as I share his life.
His memory has been remembered in many ways
by many people.

God looked around his garden and found an empty place.
He then looked down upon the earth and saw his tired face.
He put his arms around him, and lifted him to rest.
Gods garden must be beautiful, He always takes the best.
He knew that he was suffering, He knew he was in pain,
He knew that he would never get well on this earth again.
It broke our hearts to lose him, but he didn't go alone,
for part of you went with him, the day God called him home.

Karla Beeman - Memorial Service - December 22, 2001

1 John 4 Verse 9 thru 12

In this was manifested the love of God in us,
because that God sent His only begotten son into the world,
that we might live through him;
in this is love, not that we loved God,
but that He loved us,
and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins.
Beloved, if God so loved us, then we ought also to love one another;
No man has seen God at any time.
If we love one another, God dwelleth in us,
and His love is perfected in us.

Heather Borowy - Memorial Service - December 22, 2001


One night a man dreamed
he was walking along the beach
with the Lord.
Scenes from his life flashed across the sky,
There were two sets of footprints in each scene,
one belonging to him, the other to the Lord.
When the last scene of his life
flashed before him,
he looked back at the footprints in the sand.
He noticed that many times
along the path of his life
there were only one set of footprints.
He also noticed that it happened
at the lowest and saddest times in his life.

This really bothered him
and he questioned the Lord about it.
"Lord, you said that once I decided to follow you,
you would walk with me all the way.
But I have noticed that during the most troublesome times in my life
there is only one set of footprints.
I do not understand why when I needed you most
you would leave me?"

The Lord replied
"My precious child, I love you and
I would never leave you.
During your times of trial and suffering
when you see only one set of footprints
it was then that I carried you."

Heather Borowy - Memorial Service - December 22, 2001


I am Sean's cousin, Lisa Licht.
I see a lot of young faces here today.
The family is very thankful for your presence.
I am up here this morning to talk about choices.
When making choices in your life,
think about how it affects your body, health, mental well being
and most important your friends and family.
We are here today because of choices made.
Because of this choice,
I think I can speak on behalf of Patti,
the Kukoleck family and the Licht family
that our hearts truly hurt.
Please think about the choices you make in your life,
so your families hearts don't hurt like ours.

Lisa Licht - Memorial Service - December 22, 2001


It's very hard for me to believe that Sean has passed away.
Being this young, I've never experienced the death of a friend,
nor did I think I'd be experiencing it so soon.
Sean and I grew up together
along with a few other friends in the neighborhood.
Sean was always the one to make you laugh
and let you forget about your problems very easily.

However, the first time I met him,
we were getting off of the school bus
and he decided to throw a basketball at my head,
and laughed to no end.
I ran and told my mother
and I was so scared as we walked up to Sean's house
so my mother could talk to Patti.
That was the beginning of our friendship.

Sean and I were very close at one point in our lives.
I was his first girlfriend and he my first boyfriend,
my freshman year in highschool.
I'll never forget in one of his letters that he wrote to me,
he compared me to his grandmother that had died a year before
that he was very close to.
He said that he thought I was an angel that God sent to him.

While we were going out he went to Italy that October,
and when he came back, he gave me letters that he'd written to me
while he was over there and the most beautiful music box.
I listened to it every night before I went to sleep.
And that's how I'll always remember Sean.
During that time he was the sweetest, most caring person I knew.
I'm very glad that I was able to share that with him.

The past several years I've tried to keep in touch with Sean
and would see him every now and then.
But, having different friends, and me being away at school,
it was difficult to remain close and keep track of him.

I'm thankful to Patti and Steve for having such a wonderful son.
I'm also thankful for having had the chance
to see him a couple of weeks before this happened.
If I would've known that was the last time
I'd ever see him again,
I would've stayed a little longer
and let him know as my friend how much I cared for him.
And I will always, always think of Sean
whenever I hear the Beastie Boys,
watch the Forty Niners play football,
or drive past a White Castle.
That's the Sean I'll always remember and love
and his memories are always in my heart.

Sara Farkas - Memorial Service - December 22, 2001




Written by: Joanne Laurie-O'Brien
Cousin to Sean
(Sean called her Aunt Joanne)

On behalf of the Licht family and especially Patti,
I stand here today to eulogize a young man we all know & loved.
was born into this world, into our hearts and our families on May 1st, 1981.

For the past 20 years, Sean has ceased to amaze us.
As one of his oldest cousins my perspective of Sean may be different than yours
but there’s a lot I’m sure we could all agree on.
So listen please as I give you my reflection.
As a baby, Sean demonstrated his ability to make us all laugh.
As the youngest cousin among the bunch -
he’d perform for all the big kids in order to claim his place in the pecking order.
After all “it was tough to be the baby.”
But the person who knew him best and
to which he ranked supreme (along with Christopher)
was his Grandma or known to most of us - Aunt Mary.
In my opinion, Sean learned his unique & compassionate skills from the pro.
Aunt Mary raised Sean while Patti went to work and they immediately became inseparable.
Aunt Mary would minister to the sick & Sean would accompany her.
Aunt Mary played cards & Sean believed himself to be a Las Vegas dealer!!!
He soon found that he could make money serving food and drinks
to all the old ladies at the card game.
He could win your heart with that smile.
Now I would be foolish to say that all the stories that we reminisce about were mine.
So I’ve enlisted the help of his cousins to give you
a better insight into Sean’s little devilish self on our side of the family.

At earliest recollection, Gracie tells me that Sean went to breakfast with his Grandma,
Aunt Peppi and Aunt Rosie at Kenny Kings on Mayfield Rd.
Remember that’s the restaurant with the treasure chest.
You got to pick a toy if you cleaned your plate.
At 2 ½ years old Sean had no problem eating his pancakes.
Aunt Mary took him to the treasure chest -
came back to her seat with Sean & his Spinning Top.
Sean then disappeared under the booth supposedly playing with his toy and
reappeared in his Birthday Suit & took off running down the aisle.

Christopher tells the story that when Sean was around 6 years old,
Chris was asked to baby-sit at Grandma’s home on Linn Ave.
Now Sean was not one who’d just watch cartoons or crayon in his coloring book.
Christopher, a young teenager thought he’d take a break from Sean and
went outside to get some fresh air.
Sean didn’t like Chris disregard,
so he locked the door behind Chris as he reached the bottom step.
Chris banged on the door & Sean wouldn’t budge.
The louder he beat the door, the more Sean laughed.
Convinced he’d have to break the door down,
so he could get back into the house before Aunt Mary got home,
he decided to get a ladder & try that first.
Christopher went to the garage, came back to the side entrance.
Little did he know that Sean had climbed onto the sink below the kitchen window.
As Chris ascends the ladder, Sean called out for him “Chris -- Chris.”
and then in an instant as Chris looked up,
Sean blasted him with the water from the kitchen sink hose.

Bryan & Mary-Margaret recalled that one year when Sean was about 10 years old,
he was asked what he wanted for Christmas and he said “FOOD.”
Now we all know that there was no shortage of food in this family by looking at our sizes.
And Lord knows Aunt Mary’s two refrigerators & food cellar was always stocked
but Sean liked to tease Patti because Grandma’s house always had his favorite snacks....
Patti couldn’t always keep up..
So that year Aunt Connie bought Sean a San Francisco 49er’s trash can
and inside she wrapped food.
YES!! All kinds of food - Pop Tarts, A Loaf of Bread, Some Salami!!!
Some Healthy - Some Not!!!
Sean was furious But Sean thought that this was all he got and of course,
Aunt Connie hid the Lego’s & GI Joes that she had bought to tease him further.
Moral of the story her folks, “Be careful of what you ask for -- you might get it.”

Now when Sean was about 13 or so - Cara recalls that on Christmas Eve,
which was celebrated at Aunt Kathy’s house - Sean & Devon were unusually quiet that year.
Normally the two of them together made double trouble & lots of noise.
Months later they were both busted.
you see the phone bill came and each denied and blame the other
for the $127.19 worth of 1-900-calls.

In 1995, 11 people in our family went to Italy for three weeks
to celebrate the 75th anniversary of our Italian heritage
and the San Leone Society of which we all belong.
Sean was the youngest, Aunt Peppi and Aunt Caroline being the oldest.
Sean became our mascot and at the age of 14,
he was lucky to get a birds-eye view of Europe from the front of the bus
as we traveled the Italian countryside.
We went from city to city, Milan, Rome, Venice, etc….
Sean bought so many souvenirs for himself & friends,
that Patti had to buy him another duffle bag to drag along the way.
One day, Sean complained that he needed to wash his favorite shirt to wear it again.
Uncle Ed explained that there were no washer/dryer facilities at the hotel
and we had to be ready to jump the next bus ride to Sicily in the A.M..
Sean of course refused to take No for an answer.
He took his maybe second shower that day,
and we all know that Sean takes a long - long shower
but this time he took his laundry in with him
and little did he know he was Flooding the Hotel --- out the door and into the hall!!!
The duffle bag was soaked
and Sean spent hours with Patti’s blow dryer trying to blow dry his shirt.
The next town we got to - he hung his laundry out the hotel window.
3 days later, the clothes were still wet!!!
We all laughed.
The fourth day, he wore them wet!!!
These are just some of the fond & funny stories about a young man
who worked hard and made us all laugh!!
Each of you probably has a story to tell...

The most current memorable laugh was Sean’s trip to California
with Joanne and his friends.
Apparently Sean’s smile & multi colored hair
got him an interview with Jay Leno on the streets of L.A..
The topic discussed - the WORST PICK-UP LINES.
Sean made everyone howl when he told Jay his occupation -- A TRAVELER.
He then told the world about wiping the vomit from his girlfriend’s hair.
The show became the #1 watched Jay Leno show this year.
Now the ironic thing about this whole ordeal was that Patti spent hours
and $93.00 to get the six-minute segment of the show and
Sean inadvertently taped over it!!!

A story recall from Jessica most recently recalls
Sean standing in a very, very long line for NSYNC tickets
amongst thousands of teeny boppers.
There he stood with his punk pompadore ablazed in color.
He told everyone he was in line to get tickets for his little brother.
But one can only image how much money he was going to make
for standing in that very, very long line.

In closing, I would like to say that in my opinion ---
no matter which way you chose to celebrate the life of
Sean Stephen Kukoleck
remember that Sean’s real first loves were his family & his friends.
I believe that music was his soul and Patti - his mom - was his heart!!!
For twenty years & 7 months, Patti nurtured Sean’s ups & downs
with her generous love, courageous spirit & support.
The gift of Sean has been taken from us far to soon.
His short legacy will live in our hearts forever.
The memory of his smirky smile will continue to bring joy
and ease some of the burden of our busy lives.

And to Patti, Steve, Nancy, Joanne, Aunt Connie, Uncle Ed, Ryan, & Stephen Jr.,
and to All of you
who have been an important part of Sean’s short life,
I think if you close your eyes,
you can see him shrug his shoulders, you can hear his soft voice say
“I know, yeah, I know, I promise, I promise... I‘m gonna try! I love you!”
Sean Stephen Kukoleck doesn’t have to try anymore... He's found his peace.

We have a breaking story from the Pearly Gates of Heaven.
The reviews are in...
Sean Stephen Kukoleck just gotten a new gig with a band of angels
who's CD is due to be released this spring...
Stay Tuned --
Something tells me that this one will go platinum!!!


Joanne Laurie-O'Brien - Memorial Service - December 22, 2001


Bryan Licht - Cousin
Christopher Licht - Cousin
Nick Alexander - Cousin
Ryan Kukoleck - Step Brother
Richie Kray - Friend
Fred Gunn - Friend
Dan Heil - Friend
Eric Greene - Friend
Ringo Coburn - Friend



Sean's 29th Birthday Mass
Sunday, May 2nd, 2010
St. Monica's Church
8:00 A.M.


Sean's 9th Anniversary Mass
Sunday, December 19th, 2010
St. Monica's Church
10:00 A.M.


Christmas Mass December 25th, 2010
-Deceased Members of the Licht Family-
(including Sean)
St. Monica's Church
9:00 A.M.


Alleluia, Alleluia
For Sean, life has not ended but merely changed.
Praise God for his Mercy.


All Saints Cemetery
Sagamore Hills, Ohio
Section 8 * Lot 29 * Grave 3

5-1-1981 to 12-19-2001

I cannot send a birthday card,
your hands I cannot touch,
but God will send my message
to the one I loved so much.
You're forever in my heart.

May 1st, 2002 - Cleveland Plain Dealer

Sean Stephen Kukoleck

Happy 21st Birthday.
You left too soon.
We miss you and love you.


May 1st, 2002 - Cleveland Plain Dealer

5-1-1915 to 2-18-2002

To My Godfather
Forever Heartfelt and Loving Celebration
On your Birthday.
(Sean's too!)
Always in my heart.

May 1st, 2002 - Cleveland Plain Dealer

5-1-1981 to 12-19-2001


Not just today,
but every day
you're always in my heart.
I miss you so very much.
Forever, Mom

December 19th, 2002 - Cleveland Plain Dealer


You are always in my thoughts and will be forever in my heart.
I love and miss you more than words can say...


May 1st, 2004 - Cleveland Plain Dealer



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