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This Bud Is Not For You

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Let me tell you about a man named Allan "Bud" Selig. Well it is really hard to find a place to start to talk about this moron. Selig was born on July 30, 1934 in Milwaukee and received a bachelor's degree in American History and Political Science from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 1956. His first hand in corruption was when he moved the Seattle Pilots to Milwaukee in 1970. Ever since then he has had his grimey hands in many questionable places. Selig was elected the ninth Commissioner of Baseball on July 9, 1998 by a vote of the 30 Major League Baseball club owners. Obviously most of the other owners must have been involved with some of his dirty work to want to vote him in. Now he's trying to contract two Major League Baseball teams. Which means if this happens two Major League Baseball teams will not exist if this happens. Of course this is another retarted idea of Bud Selig to ruin the game of baseball. Luckily, there are people fighting Bud Selig and taking his proposals to contract to court. Major League Baseball won't be a "clean" league again until Bud Selig is no longer associated with it. So help me and send e-mails and letters to Major League Baseball team owners, players, and to the head office so we can get this cancer out of baseball.
Go Mariners!