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You're leaving? Okay, bye-bye then! Be sure to go through the links to get some more good ShiShi sites.

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Nikki's pretty and colourful site (I give up keeping up with the colours). It's not Cherry Dreams anymore, but this is still my fave of the banners so it's staying up.
A wonderful fan art site
Dana-Chan's home site with enough ShiShi to make your head spin!
The home of White cats's writings and a whole lot of other stuff as well.
Kelly (an amazing AU writer)'s ShiShi site.
A great ShiShi shrine! Choas (it's webmistress) kicks total ass :)
ShiShi site with great fics and great art
A Japanese fan artist. The art is soooo amazing, I have it all over my bed room walls!
A site that houses one of the funniest fics I've EVER read! *the pixies Shigeru, the pixies...*heeheeeheee
We The Shippers, a site that supports and links all the types of pokemon couplings
Resuko's site, she draws everything and beautifully too! One of the ShiShi fan art pieces was done by her!
The place where I got most of my manga scans.
The place I got all my adorable gifs from
Yes, I am a proud memeber of the Gary fan club.
A site with great art and great fics, a few of which are hosted here!
A truly crazy anime site, but the web-mistress loves yaoi and Ash and Gary and brought up a lot.
A newly discovered Shishi site! Have some nice images on it!
Not really Shishi site, but it is slash friendly, has Pokemon stuff and it just amazing!!
Suteneko's Poke-slash site. She was the first slash writer who's work I read so I still worship her
(Japanese) a fan art site that includes some Pokemon/Palletshipping stuff. In particualr, my fave thing at the moment; cross-dressing Shigeru ^_^
(Japanese) Another Pokemon fanart gallery. Loads of pretty pics to look at.
(Japanese) And nother Japanese fan art site. Has links to tonnes of other ShiShi sites as well.
A nice, dark Shigeru shrine. YEA!

ShiShi Sites

Boku No Teki
Yaoi Bishounen Webring
The Pokeslash Playground
Kel's Tavern
The Very Very First Ash/Gary Couple Shrine
Day Dreaming
Innocence Stolen

Character Shrines

Arrogance (Gary Shrine)
My Dear Ash Ketchum
Sweet Shigeru
Courage & Love: An Ash shrine
Satoshi Sekai
Cherry Sunsets : Gary Oak Shrine
Terrible Beauty: Gary Oak Shrine
Ice-Cold Indifference: Shigeru Ookido Shrine
Lost Soul: Gary Shrine

Other Sites of Intrest

Eternal Sanctuary
Midnight Horizons: An Oakshipping Site
The Enchanted Works of Rhiannon
Rhianae's Mirror Forest
Ryoshuu: Pocket Monsters
Fantasy Fiction Realm
The Crossroads