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Item List

Health Items Berries Key Items
Antidote Berry Basement Key
Awakening Bitter Berry Bicycle
Berry Juice Burnt Berry Card Key
Burn Heal Gold Berry Good Rod
Elixir Ice Berry Item Finder
Energy Root Mint Berry Clefairy Doll
Energy Powder Miracle Berry Machine Part
Ether Paralyzecure Berry Mystery Egg
Fresh Water Poisoncure Berry Old Rod
Full Heal Pass
Full Restore Rainvow Wing
Heal Powder Red Scale
Hyper Potion S. S. Ticket
Ice Heal Secret Potion
Lemonade Silver Wing
Max Elixir Squirtbottle
Max Ether Super Rod
Max Potion
Max Revive
Moomoo Milk
Paralyze Heal
Rage Candy Bar
Revival Heard
Sacred Ash
Soda Pop
Super Potion


Helpful Items Apricorns Items to Sell Balls
Escape Rope Black Apricorn Big Mushroom Fast Ball
Expn Card Blue Apricorn Big Pearl Friend Ball
Map Card Green Apricorn Brick Piece Great Ball
Max Repel Pink Apricorn Gold Leaf Heavy Ball
Poké Doll White Apricorn Nugget Level Ball
Pokédex Yellow Apricorn Pearl Love Ball
Radio Card   Silver Leaf Lure Ball
Repel   Star Piece Master BAll
Super Repel   Star Dust Moon Ball
Unown Dex   Slowpoke Tail Poké Ball
    Tiny Mushroom Ultra Ball


Ability Up
Amulet Coin
Berserk Gene
Black Belt
Black Glasses
Bright Powder
Cleanse Tag
Dire Hit
Dragon Fang
Dragon Scale
Exp. Share
Fire Stone
Focus Band
Guard Spec.
Hard Sone
King's Rock
Leaf Sone
Light Ball
LUcky Egg
Lucky Punch
Metal Coat
Metal Powder
Miracle Seed
Moon Stone
Mystic Water
Nevermelt Ice
Pink Bow
Poison Barb
Polkadot Bow
Quick Claw
Rare Candy
Scope Lens
Sharp Beak
Silver Powder
Smoke Ball
Soft Sand
Spell Tag
Sun Stone
Thick Club
Thunder Stone
Twisted Spoon
Water Stone
X Accuracy
X Attack
X Defend
X Special
X Speed


Mail Decorative Items
Eon Mail Big Lapras Doll
Flower Mail Big Onix Doll
Liteblue Mail Big Snorlax Doll
Lovely Mail Blue Carpet
Morph Mail Bulbasaur Doll
Music Mail Charmander Doll
Portrait Mail Clefairy Doll
Surf Mail Clefairy Poster
  Diglett Doll
  Feathery Bed
  Gengar Doll
  Geodude Doll
  Gold Trophy
  Gorgeous Box
  Green Carpet
  Grimer Doll
  Jigglypuff Doll
  Jigglypuff Poster
  Machop Doll
  Magikarp Doll
  Normal Box
  Oddish Doll
  Pikachu Doll
  Pikachu Poster
  Pink Bed
  Poliwag Doll
  Polkadot Bed
  Red Carpet
  Shellder Doll
  Silver Trophy
  Squirtle Doll
  Staryu Doll
  Super NES
  Surfing Pikachu Doll
  Town Map
  Virtual Boy
  Voltorb Doll
  Weedle Doll
  Yellow Carpet
  Other Stuff
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