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HM/TM List

Old List New List
Mega Punch Dynamicpunch
Razor Wind Headbutt
Swords Dance Curse
Whirlwind Rollout
Mega Kick Roar
Toxic Toxic
Horn Drill Zap Cannon
Body Slam Rock Smash
Take Down Psych Up
Double-Edge Hidden Power
Bubblebeam Sunny Day
Water Gun Sweet Scent
Ice Beam Snore
Blizzard Blizzard
Hyper Beam Hyper Beam
Pay Day Icy Wind
Submission Protect
Counter Rain Dance
Seismic Toss Giga Drain
Rage Endure
Mega Drain Frustration
Solarbeam Solarbeam
Dragon Rage Iron Tail
Thunderbolt Dragonbreath
Thunder Thunder
Earthquake Earthquake
Fissure Return
Dig Dig
Psychic Psychic
Teleport Shadow Ball
Mimic Mud-slap
Double Team Double Team
Reflect Ice Punch
Bide Swagger
Metronome Sleep Talk
Self Destruct Sludge Bomb
Egg Bomb Sandstorm
Fire Blast Fire Blast
Swift Swift
Skull Bash Defense Curl
Softboiled Thunderpunch
Dream Eater Dream Eater
Sky Attack Detect
Rest Rest
Thunder Wave Attract
Psywave Thief
Explosion Steel Wing
Rock Slide Fire Punch
Tri Attack Fury Cutter
Substitute Nightmare
HM1 Cut HM1 Cut
HM2 Fly HM2 Fly
HM3 Surf HM3 Surf
HM4 Strength HM4 Strength
HM5 Flash HM5 Flash
HM6 Whirlpool
HM7 Waterfall
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