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Game Tips

    What good is playing when there are no tips to play by??? That's the reason we've compiled several tips for you to follow. These tips are for all of the Pokémon games. Some of them are about how to defeat someone, while others are not. Still, these are good tips and should be followed if you want to improve your game skills.

1. Your party should have a variety of types of Pokémon.

2. You should train all of your Pokémon to be around the same levels (even though it didn't work for me).

3. You don't have to train all of your Pokémon if you have a high leveled Pokémon that is virtually unbeatable (that worked for me). But make sure that your Pokémon have a diversity of attack types. For example: don't get stuck with all normal type attacks.

4. Good training places include the Trainer House in Viridian City (Gold/Silver only).

5. Specially colored (shiny)Pokémon are very rare.  You shouldn't let one get away if you see one.

6. The Pokérus, a sickness contracted by Pokémon, is actually a very good thing. It gives your Pokémon twice as much experience points as in normal ones. If you get it, try to infect as many Pokémon as possible.

7. Friendly evolutions include: Pichu - Pikachu, Cleffa - Clefairy, Igglybuff - Jigglypuff, Golbat - Crobat, Togepy - Togetic, Chansey - Blissey, Eevee - Espeon in the morning or daytime, and Eevee - Umbreon in the nighttime.

8. Catch Pokémon easily by breeding a female Paras with a male Scyther. The resulting Pokémon will be a Paras with the attacks Spore and False Swipe. You can easily catch Pokémon that way.

Got a tip? Submit it to us!

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