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Gold/Silver Info

Origin:    Pokémon Gold/Silver are both from Japan. They are manufactured by Nintendo.

Storyline:    Gold/Silver is about a boy in Newbark Town. Professor Elm calls this boy over to this lab to run an errand for him. He gives this boy a Pokémon as a companion. When the boy returns, Elm finds that Professor Oak has given the boy a Pokédex. That convinced him that the boy has extraordinary talent and was allowed to go on his own journey. 

Features:    You control the boy in this game. You have to catch, train, and battle your way to the Pokémon League. Make your Pokémon team invincible and earn the title as the number one Pokémon master of all time. Collecting  Pokémon to complete your Pokédex also counts, but is optional. You just get a nice certificate if you do manage it.

Intersting Facts:    This game is a sequel to Pokémon Red and Blue. Although this takes place in another world, they rather resemble each other.

Comments:    This game is very nice compared to the oldschool Pokémon Red/Blue.

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