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Deck Building Help

    As we know, deck building is an important strategy in having a successful victory. That's why we have compiled a list of strategies that can turn your deck into the ultimate fighting machine!

Tips for building a winning deck:

1. Have at least 25 energy cards of your type.

2. You should have only 1 type of Pokémon (fire types only, water types only, etc.) in your deck to get the best results.

3. Add some double colorless energies, too.

4. Colorless Pokémon are a good addition to any team (especially Kanghaskhan), so you should put some colorless Pokémon in your deck as well.

5. You can also put some different type Pokémon in your deck, but only a little bit.

6. For trainer cards, add lots of Professor Oak's and Bill's. They can help you when you don't have a single energy card left in your hand. If you get lucky, you might just draw one.

7. Evolution cards can be pretty powerful, but you'll need the basic card if you want to use it. I suggest that you put at least 3 basic Pokémon, 2 second evolution Pokémon, and 1 third evolution Pokémon. Or, you can have 4 basic Pokémon, 3 second evolution Pokémon, and 2 third evolution Pokémon. Just make sure that you don't end up with 4 basic Pokémon, 1 second evolution Pokémon, and 1 third evolution Pokémon. If that happens, then your next evolution really depends on the luck of the draw.

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