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Red/Blue Cheats

Big Cheats

Catch Trainer Pokemon

1. Defeat a trainer with the Pokémon you want.

2. Go to Seafoam Islands.

3. Surf on the right side coast, half land and half water.

4. You should run into a Pokemon from the trainer you just battled.

Note: You can use this cheat to get the Pokémon your rival got.


Duplicate Items

1. Talk to the man who tells you how to catch Pokemon.

2. Answer "no" to his question.

3. Put the item to be duplicated in the sixth place.

4. Fly to Cinnabar Island and surf on the right side coast.

5. You'll run into a Pokemon called Missingno or 'M'.

6. Defeat or run from it to have your item duplicated.


Catch Safari Zone Pokemon Elsewhere

1. Go to the Safari Zone and walk until your time runs out.

2. Go to Seafoam Islands and surf on the right side coast.

3. You'll run into Safari Zone Pokemon.

Note: You can fight them instead of just throwing bait.


Raise Stats Fast

1. Battle with the Pokemon that's getting it's stats raised.

2. Fight until all the PP (power points) of a move is used up.

3. Deposit the Pokemon in a box.

4. Withdraw it again.

5. Check it's stats. It should show some improvement.


Pokémon Over Level 100
1. Go to Viridian City.

2. Talk to the man who teaches you how to catch Pokémon.

3. First, answer "no". The second time, answer "yes".

4. Fly to Cinnabar Island.

5. Surf on the eastern (right) side where it is half land and half water.

6. You'll encounter Pokémon over the level of 100.


Better Chance of Winning the Slots
1. Press "select" while the reels are spinning.

2. You'll have a better chance of winning.


Easy Level Up
1. Duplicate all of your Rare Candies.

2. Use them all on a Pokémon.


Easy Money
1. Duplicate all of your Nuggets.

2. Sell them all.


Turn Pokéball into Masterball
1. While ball is in midair, hold "B" and "up".

2. When ball opens, hold "B" and "down" until it stops.

Just For Fun

Invisible PC

1. Go to the hotel in Celadon City.

2. Stand where you usually stand when turning on a PC.

3. Press "A" and a PC will turn on.


Get Yoshi

1. Catch a Dratini and trade it to another version.

2. In the other version, train it until it evolves into a Dragonite.

3. Trade it back to the original version and stand exactly where Mewtwo stood.

4. Attempt to use a Fire Stone on it, even though it says it won't work.

5. It's picture will change to Yoshi's and its number will be 999.


Catch Missingno

1. Do the duplication cheat.

2. Make sure you only have 5 Pokémon in your party.

3. Catch Missingno. with a Pokéball.

Note: Missingno will mess up your Hall of Fame info.


Turn Fushcia City into a Glitch

1. Go to the Safari Zone and walk into the Rest Area.

2. Talk to the man with glasses, then walk out of the Safari Zone.

3. When the receptionist asks you if you want to leave early, answer "no". You should be in Safari Zone again.

4. Walk out again and answer "no" like last time.

5. Save your game. 

6. Walk out out of Safari Zone.

7. The time man will ask you if you want to join the hunt (it's the first glitch).

8. Say "no" to him and go outside.

9. Walk around until you hear the PA, the same thing you hear when you run out of time in the Safari Zone.

10. You'll be warped back to a glitched Fushcia City.

Got a cheat? Submit it to us!


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